Yet another journaling workshop

Yet another journaling workshop

Have you registered for the journaling workshop as yet? If not, now is a good time to do so as registration closes tomorrow, workshop day.

‘Journaling & Your Story Matters’ Workshop

This  hands-on, soulful, workshop explores the importance of our stories and how we can use journaling to capture them and unearth their significance and value to our lives. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the importance of journaling, gained strategies and tools on how to make journaling a fruitful ritual in their lives and come to appreciate the value in their stories and why all our stories matter.

My journaling and story coaching workshops tend to be very intimate, powerful and ground-breaking for attendees. When I discovered journaling, it saved me. And when I coupled that with the willingness to embrace my stories and all of me, even the parts I’d rather not embrace, my life changed dramatically. I didn’t want it to stop there. I wanted to learn more about journaling and the therapeutic power of words and started studying the work of researchers and psychologist who are pioneers in the field of therapeutic writing. And I wanted to share what I was learning in a soulful, practical and fun ways and started doing workshops and story coaching with women.
Here are some kind words from women who have attended my workshops or done story coaching with me. You may also find this blog post on my journey to story coaching and journaling interesting.
This is going to be a casual yet, soulful and intimate affair – think candles, ambient music, wine, light snacks, and writing from the heart.  Space is limited so register as soon as you can.

Workshop details:

When: Saturday 22 October, 2016 from  4-6pm
Where: GARP, Kirani James Blvd, St. George’s
Cost: EC $25
Register online, call 535-5000 or

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