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In embracing the spirit of renewal, I did a thing. I archived a decade of vulnerable revelations, awakenings, and introspections from this blog, allowing them to drift into the digital ether. But here’s the beauty of life: as long as there’s breath in our lungs, resolve in our hearts, and vitality coursing through our veins, we can always choose to begin anew. So, as I venture back into the realm of public blogging, my aim is to pen fresh tales. I wish for my past journeys to resonate in my prose without directly populating these pages. Thus, here we are, poised to embark on a new chapter.

I use “we” intentionally; while I may be the steward of this space, your invaluable feedback, personal messages, blog comments, and engagements in events like Wine Down, Coffee & Conversation, Cocktails & Conversations, and the FemmePowered book club, have profoundly shaped and enriched my evolution.

So welcome to the transformed FemmePowered, a space devoted to our journey of self-discovery, reflection, empowerment, and storytelling.

FemmePowered was born in 2014 from the ashes of personal adversity—domestic violence. It became a representation of resilience, a voice for those who shared my circumstances, and a space where we could all heal, grow, and connect. My writing here became a balm for my wounds and an act of communal strength. Today, though, I find myself at a different stage of my life journey.

Having bravely navigated the turbulence of my past, I’ve now transitioned into a quieter, more peaceful chapter in the loving and respectful company of my new husband. This platform, much like me, has grown and transformed. We’ve shifted from a space of survival to a sanctuary for growth, empowerment, and celebration of self. As I honor the roots of FemmePowered, I am filled with excitement for the new horizons that lie ahead. This blog remains an ever-evolving testament to my journey, our collective growth, and the continual process of becoming.


emmePowered evolved, transitioning from a personal narrative into a more community-focused platform. Our efforts pivoted towards events and community building, reaching out beyond the digital confines of this blog. This space flourished into a rich mosaic of diverse voices and perspectives, creating an enriching dialogue of shared experiences. Each story, each voice, weaved into this vibrant tapestry, serves as a comforting reminder that in our struggles and victories, we are never alone.

As the tides of life ebbed and flowed, I found myself on a hiatus, taking a step back from the blog. This pause brought with it an awakening, an awareness that propelled me back into the realm of writing. And so, I returned, armed with a renewed vision and a deeper understanding of the role this platform can play in our collective journey.

The new iteration of FemmePowered focuses on a core essence – writing. It’s a homecoming, a return to the sanctuary where it all began. This space is now dedicated to sharing stories – mine and yours. It’s an invitation to you, dear reader, to join me on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

As I share my experiences, struggles, victories, and lessons learned, I yearn to spotlight your stories too. FemmePowered aims to bear witness to your unique experiences and narratives, fostering a community that celebrates vulnerability, authenticity, and courage. We’re on this journey together, evolving, growing, and standing in our truth.

Each week, specifically on Saturdays, new musings will grace this platform. Through our shared stories and insights, we’ll continue to cultivate this haven of self-recognition, self-compassion, and self-love. Expect reflections that not only touch on personal growth but also the broader themes of womanhood, empowerment, and the human experience.

So, to you, dear reader, who has been part of this journey, and to those just beginning it with me: welcome to FemmePowered. A sanctuary where we cherish our individual paths, and commit to soul care, well-being, and transformative growth. Here’s to our intertwined tales and shared tomorrows.


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