We women need to make space for self-care, our wellbeing, and just bringing in more joy, sweetness, and lightness into our lives. This is something I have struggled with; making space. Like many women, I internalized societal messages that said I had to take care of everything and everyone else first, and then me. Many of us are driven to excel. Oftentimes, our focus on climbing the professional ladder or building a business leads to an imbalance or burnout.  So we become lopsided; really strong in one area, yet failing to thrive in another. 

I used to think I could grab joy and sweetness along the way. I never thought to make it a focus and become intentional about it. But in 2014 life hit me really hard and I had to rethink what was important. I learned to say no without feeling guilty. I understood that boundaries are essential to my wellbeing. I embraced the truth that I have to care for and nourish myself if I am to be any good to anyone else. I let go of tropes and narratives such as the strong black woman, because they reinforced the notion that my value was entrenched in my ability to  sacrifice and endure struggle.

Since coming into this place, I’ve become a self-care and wellness advocate and work with women who want to care for themselves without feeling guilty or indulgent.

So that’s the focus of my work: partnering with women committed to intentionally nourishing and caring for themselves  inside out. These are women who understand that they are their best thing and entitled to have a loving, caring, and healthy relationship with themselves.

My Approach

Open-hearted conversations are a big part of how I work. Since 2015 I have created close to one hundred events that brought people together to talk about issues on a personal, professional, and societal level. We may not always solve problems when we talk about them, but we give space and a listening ear to another’s challenge or perspective. And sometimes, that’s just what’s needed.

Journaling is also another tool in my arsenal. Writing is a powerful and accessible medium for reflection, growth, healing, and wellbeing. I put it to use whenever I deem it most appropriate. As a Certified Journal Therapist, I work women who want to use journaling and creative writing to experience personal transformation. Over the years I have developed workshops, workbooks, and curriculum to achieve this. I have facilitated private workshops for groups of friends, schools, domestic violence shelters, and religious groups. My content and services are woman-centric in nature because this is the audience I am called to serve.

I also use ecopsychology in my work. Ecopsychology is the study of how the natural world impacts our mental well-being. Ecotherapy is the therapeutic application of this knowledge. As an ecotherapist, I foster ecological thinking and contact with the nature for psychotherapeutic purposes, individual healing and personal growth.

My Motivation

Doing this work in incredibly important to me. I’m a survivor of trauma and abuse and I’ve had to walk a long road to healing. As a child, I experienced sexual abuse at the hands of multiple abusers. The stain of that period of my life lingered well into adulthood. I grew up, got married, and experienced physical, emotional, financial, and psychological abuse at the hands of my ex-husband. That relationship ended with me in the operating room to repair the bones he broke in my face. It was the ultimate wake-up call. I had to take control of my inner and outer healing and rebuild my life. I also had to develop an identity that honored who I am at my core. The journey to healing was my introduction to intentional self-care and my commitment to wellness.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope we can work together. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, would like to work with me, or wish to connect. You can do so using the form on this page.

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