Writing and deep soul journaling saved me and kept me sane when I was miserable and hurting in an abusive marriage. The words that flowed from my pen giving me purpose and direction.  I think reading good material makes it possible to become better versions of ourselves. I have found these books on journaling, writing and an enriched spiritual life very helpful.

this list is growing. check back soon for new titles and material

  • Writing Down Your Soul – very useful for journaling or connecting with your inner voice
  • Writing to Heal – another great resource on the cathartic potential of writing and how you can change your life with stories
  • Writing for WellBeing brings together the worlds of writing and psychology to introduce you to the world of writing for wellbeing.
  • Writing to Heal – Wonderful resource. Widely referenced and regarded by many advocates of writing therapy.
  • The Holy Bible (NLT) – Hey, it’s the good book! All the answers for life is in there.
  • New Beginnings – A Creative Guide for Women Who Have Left Abusive Partners

Other books that have helped me on my journey

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