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Writer. Journal Therapist. Ecotherapist.

Carlana Charles

Hi. I’m Carlana, founder of Wellness & Co. I’m a writer, personal advisor, conversation starter, journal therapist and eco-therapist. Through this space and my work, I help women prioritise their wellness and work towards creating a life that feels on the inside as good as it looks on the outside. This may look like – 

  • helping women find ways to balance the personal and the professional.
  • working with them to get clear on what it is they desire and helping them move towards attainment.
  • teaching them that self-care and wellness should be built into their lives and not treated as an accessory.
  • advising them on how to deepen their relationship with themselves by focusing on their emotions, physical and mental health, and general needs
  • reminding them that they are their best thing and worth the nourishment needed to thrive inside-out.
  • motivating them to lean into the discomfort associated with forming and managing healthy boundaries, which are basic guidelines of how they wish to be treated.

Core Focus

Helping women become intentional about caring for their whole selves – inner and outer – without guilt. This may take the form of working with them one-to-one and group sessions, speaking, teaching, workshops, and retreats.


Personal Advising

I offer advice, strategy, recommendations, and ideas. We brainstorm together to come up with options and solutions. You decide what sounds best and I support you in your decisions and help you make a doable plan.



The main themes of my workshops are boundaries, wellness, self-care, journaling, self-awareness, stress and anxiety management, eco-therapy, and creating the life and experiences you deeply desire.



Think of my retreats as an extended and deeply intimate version of my workshops. My retreats are fun, engaging, and help you root into the practices and tools to support personal transformation.

Book A Consultation

I’d love to get to know you! Schedule a call so we can talk. I’d like to know who you are, where you are, where you want to go, and discuss how I can support you in getting to your destination and becoming the person you aspire to be!

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