Be brave and bold. Sometimes the world needs it.

It’s funny how God has a way of sending you confirmation and encouragement when your resolve may be wavering. My mind is in overdrive making it hard for me to sleep. Doubts and relentless thoughts making it hard for me to get some shut eye for any long time. I got up and could not […]

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Making me time non negotiable

me time is non-negotiable

When’s the last time you did something just for you? Can you recall without thinking too hard about it? I’ve been thinking a lot about how we sometimes fail to make time for ourselves. We’re often so busy running through life, ticking things off our to-do lists, making time and space for everything and everyone […]

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Pursue Excellence Not Perfection

pursue excellence not perfection

Ever feel the need to be perfect? I have. A long time ago. I suppose on may consider it an admirable pursuit but speak to any perfectionist in recovery and they will tell you that if often causes you to be very judgmental, leaves you feeling pretty drained and since we are humans….imperfect. The worst is […]

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On accepting people as they are


We have a tendency to want to change or help others become better versions of themselves. I suppose that’s just a human thing and part of our internal wiring. Life is an ongoing process of learning, discovery and understanding. As I grow older and I become more receptive to understanding and accepting people for who […]

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examining the choices we communicate

Choices. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about choices and how they affect us whether we are directly or indirectly involved in the choosing process. In everything we do (and don’t do) we communicate a choice. I can choose to get up early and spend some time in prayer or devotion or I choose to stay in bed […]

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Musings on shame and vulnerability

I have been consuming her content in all forms. Print, audio, video, blog. Brene Brown is a phenomenal researcher, speaker, social worker, author and all around wonderful human being. Her work on shame has been instrumental in helping me take a second look at my feelings of shame regarding the abuse I endured during my […]

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Standing in your truth

Who do people say you are? How do they define you? Who do you know you are? How do you define yourself? It’s amazing how much we absorb and embrace the labels people put on us. Ugly, stupid, worthless and a slew of words all meant to diminish and rob us of our truth we take […]

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