Rights & Freedoms Bill

The Rights & Freedoms Bill – It’s the most discussed, misunderstood and feared part of the constitution reform; and this worries me. I’m worried because we are less than a day away from the proposed changes to Grenada’s constitution and many are still confused and ill-informed of what the bill entails and how it can impact the way our country moves forward. There’s also been a lot of fear-mongering and hate-mongering by those who feel that the bill promotes a hidden agenda. This too worries me because the peddling of fear is what helped a controversial figure like Donald Trump become the President-Elect of the United States. Fear creates Phantoms that makes the things we are fearful of appear much larger than they are. And fear, coupled with ignorance can create a recipe for disaster. There has been a lot of debate on Bill #6, The Rights and Freedoms Bill. Some feel that… View Post

We Retreat – Release & Unleash

Life is challenging and sometimes it can leave us conflicted, broken, or wanting some time away. Occasionally, we may crave time away to think, heal, process, plan, reconnect and realize who we are at our core and what we need to create a life that satisfies. And time away is good. Not just for our minds, bodies and the people in our lives, but also for our souls. Oftentimes, stepping away to a place we find comforting, and being in the fellowship of women desirous of creating a life that is rich and soul-satisfying can be the catalyst to an inner evolution that creates a shift in the way we live, love, lead and show up in the world. Now, let me tell you about my upcoming retreat, Release & Unleash. Release & Unleash is carded to be a rich, soulful and game-changing experience. It is designed for setting the tone for… View Post

Remember your voice and use it

In the aftermath of what many perceive to be a divisive election, it is understandable that there may be feelings of fear, anxiety and shock. I’ve been speaking to my American friends and the fear they experience is real and palpable. But here’s the thing; all is not lost. The sky is not falling (even though it seems that way) and we still have the most powerful of weapons – our voice and our will. Yes, our voice matters, just as our stories do. And our will to fight injustice, our will to love our neighbours, our will to stand against discrimination hatred and the suffering of others can change the world. Here’s something we need to remember, bullies and bigots have existed since the beginning of time. In every era and every culture, there’s been an individual or individuals who specialise in fear-mongering and pandered to the worst of human instincts. Think… View Post

The weight of expectations

Ever feel like you’re slowly drowning in the weight of other people’s expectations? Drowning under others’ expectations of: what you’re supposed to do who you’re supposed to be who you’re supposed love or associate with how you’re supposed to act how you’re supposed to look how you’re supposed to run your business who you’re supposed to have in your life and circle etc, etc, etc. I’m sure you can add a few 🙂 We tame our true personalities and self-expression because we’re afraid of being criticized or disappointing others. So we play small or not at all because as women we have a fear of people thinking that we’re ‘too much’ or we adopt patterns and behaviors that align with their expectations. Often, we’d rather fit in the box others create for us than dare to be who we are because from early we as women have been socialized to please… View Post

Yet another journaling workshop

Have you registered for the journaling workshop as yet? If not, now is a good time to do so as registration closes tomorrow, workshop day. ‘Journaling & Your Story Matters’ Workshop This  hands-on, soulful, workshop explores the importance of our stories and how we can use journaling to capture them and unearth their significance and value to our lives. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the importance of journaling, gained strategies and tools on how to make journaling a fruitful ritual in their lives and come to appreciate the value in their stories and why all our stories matter. My journaling and story coaching workshops tend to be very intimate, powerful and ground-breaking for attendees. When I discovered journaling, it saved me. And when I coupled that with the willingness to embrace my stories and all of me, even the parts I’d rather not embrace, my life… View Post