Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life

Hey ladies! How’s your February going so far? I’ve been keeping busy, working on some upcoming collaborations, my own projects and client stuff. I’m not going to get into all of those now so today I’ll share on an amazing event that comes up at the end of the month, Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life. I love when serendipity happens. About a year ago I stumbled across Tash’s site and thought to myself that she was someone I’d love to connect with. I bookmarked the site and would pop by from time to time. I never expected her to be in Grenada, let alone show up at Sisterhood In Motion. Yet, there she was, supporting her mom, who I found out was one of the speakers. We connected and when approached to partner on this event it was a no-brainer. Ladies, you’re not going to want to miss this… View Post

Domestic violence and how it shows up. Are you being abused?

Domestic violence is a topic most people don’t want to talk about. It’s something that affects our society and is quite prevalent, but we’d rather wish it away than address it. ‘Get over it; he can’t hurt you anymore‘, someone suggested. ‘Keep the blog light and breezy and feel good‘, suggested another. ‘Speak in general terms about empowering women and matters that affect them. Don’t always bring up that topic’, was the last bit of advice I got. I’d like to think that there’s something for every woman on this blog. So if this topic makes you uncomfortable, feel free to skip it. You can always come back when you’re ready. But here’s the thing – I don’t do light and breezy. I suppose I can if I try but at the heart of it, FemmePowered is about empowering women, no matter their story. This blog was borne out of my abuse story. My story and… View Post

Forceful. Cruel and inhumane treatment to punishment for wife killer.

This post took about two hours to write. That’s unusually long for me. It was hard to sit and touch each key individually when the deluge of emotions the words evoked rushed hard, pushing at my fingertips. It took a lot of leaning into the discomfort this story stirred in me to get this post out. At times, I had to walk away from the machine, practice my breathing, come back and type some more. I felt the pressure rush to my head as I listened to the media clip below on the 67 years and 6 months sentencing of Alexander Robert Clack in the murder of his wife, Nixiann Clack. I am very pleased with the sentencing. Scratch that – elated. And I don’t care who is up in arms and thinks it was too much. I support the move of this judge and hope it acts as a deterrent. For an island of our population, too many women are living… View Post

How to pivot from the familar

A couple weeks ago my friend and I were chilling at the Wine Bar in the South. So we’re there chilling and then he started up a conversation we’ve had ten times already. The one about the type of women he likes. Generally, I roll my eyes at him each time he comes up with this topic because I’ve heard it all before. You see, no matter how much he professes to like one type, he generally goes for the opposite. He has a thing for those who love drama and loads of craziness. So, I sip my wine, put on my poker face, try not to play with my iPhone. I don’t want to hear this tale again and would rather be on Instagram as its my favorite distraction.  So I play with my phone and let him do the talking. I think after the third time of having this conversation he knows I’m not engaged.  But… View Post

seeing others beyond the eyes

Recently I ran into an old acquaintance I had not seen in two years. In chatting he asked me a surprising question. ‘Carlana, are you a lesbian?” The question threw me for a loop because I couldn’t figure out where it came from. Sexually, I’m as straight as an arrow. I don’t even hang out much with women as most of my women friends live in Trinidad and the US. Where on earth did that question come from? ‘What?!?’ I asked. ‘Where is this coming from?’ Come to find out that according to him, having a pierced tongue is the standard sign of a lesbian. He said that lesbians wear tongue rings to show that they are part of the lesbian community. It appeared that I missed this important memo. I did not know this communication code amongst lesbians existed. I made a mental note to tell my sister. She’s been married to… View Post