The post that changed it all

Facebook has this really neat feature called ‘memories’ that allows you to see posts you shared in the past. Today I got a reminder of what I like to consider the post that changed it all. The one that had about 400 shares and likes in less than two days, brought me an incredible wave of support and outpouring of love and helped increase the profile of FemmePowered and the story behind it. The one that took FemmePowered from a personal blog to a community and social enterprise. In case you’re new here, I’m sharing that post again, right under the pretty banner. Thank you for the support then, now and in the future. It means the world. Let’s keep having conversations about domestic abuse until we see meaningful change. And even then let’s still keep the conversation going. I’m inviting you to stay tuned to my upcoming webinar and… View Post

Journaling & Story Workshop 8.10.16

Thank you so much to all who attended this Tuesday’s Cocktails & Conversations. Remember we never got to go into the story part of the workshop because we spent so much time talking about men, sex and intimacy so I promised a makeup session? Okay – so let’s do this! After looking at my planner I see Saturday, 8 October as the best day to do the session Journaling & the Power Of Our Stories. My journaling and story coaching workshops tend to be very intimate, powerful and ground-breaking for attendees. When I discovered journaling, it saved me. And when I coupled that with the willingness to embrace my stories and all of me, even the parts I’d rather not embrace, my life changed dramatically. I didn’t want it to stop there. I wanted to learn more about journaling and the therapeutic power of words and started studying the work of researchers… View Post

Much appreciation

Thank you so much to all who attended this evening’s Cocktails & Conversations. I’m always so enriched after each of our encounters and I hope you are too. There are other places to spend your time and money and you opted to do it at one of FemmePowerd’s events. Know that I don’t take this lightly. And BIG UP to the guy that showed up with his lady, today. It takes a brave man to share space with a group of women discussing such heady topics! Special thank you to the repeat attendees, too! The encouragement is wonderful. See you next month! Info for the free journaling and story workshop, just for you, will be in your inbox by weekend. On 1st October I’m hosting a blogging and social media workshop. If this sounds like your thing, get the details by clicking on the graphic below.  

a little inspiration and an event reminder

My mother has and continues to be a source of encouragement and strength to me. As a child growing up, she worked tirelessly the way single mothers tend to do. It was important to her that we got the life she never had and so she set us on a path to experience the best future possible. And it’s easy to simplify all she did in the last sentence, but watching her hitchhike to work to ensure that we went to school showed me that her comfort took second place to us getting an education. Seeing her pretend she was not hungry so that we could eat the little bits of food she was able to scrape together made her a combination of Mother Teressa and Wonder Woman rolled into one. Her thrift, efficiency, and household-economics still blow me away to this day. We’re all grown now and living our… View Post

Blog Brilliance – A Blogging & Social Media Masterclass

Oh how I lurve putting on workshops and events for you lovely people. And this one – Blog Brilliance – has been long coming. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a blogging workshop for about 3 years and now the time has come. I’m no stranger to social media workshops, having done them locally and in a couple other islands, but this will be the first time doing one specifically for blogging. See the pretty flyer I created just for you below. It’s chock full with all the deets on the event. Here’s the registration link if you want to share with a friend: or just direct them to this page so they can sign up below. This workshop is for you if: You’ve always wanted to blog, but aren’t sure where to start. You already have a blog, but find yourself procrastinating on writing content, or you’re struggling… View Post