This post is dedicated to every woman who has felt the push to be any and everything she isn’t in order to embrace or conform to societal’s definition of beauty and what’s right. Notice how each day can be a constant struggle to be you? The real you. The you that feels like comfy, worn socks; the you that feels like that beat up old sofa you just love. At home in your skin, at peace with your body and your image and the way you present yourself to the world. Every once in a while I get those subtle hints and forthright remarks that I ought to change the way I look or the person I am. I was born an original. I won’t die a copy or clone to fit any societal expectation. Cause I may settle into them and then see the rules change. It happens all… View Post

I’m an avid reader and have been meaning to share some of my good reads here on the blog. I try to read a new book every two weeks and the book I’m about to feature was the first book I read this year. I love it. It’s life changing and one of those books I think all women should read. It’s such a treasure to me that I’ve referenced it in workshops and recommend it to friends and women I work with women. So let me tell you about The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown. If you’ve been here before you’d know how much I adore the work of Brene Brown. Brene is a writer and research professor who has been featured on Oprah, CNN, PBS just to name a few. She’s also done some amazing TedTalks you can find on YouTube for free. Each day we face a barrage of… View Post

It seems like everyone is getting into the life coaching space these days. Within my network are quite a few and they are all brave and passionate women. I never felt the need to get into the coaching space, to be honest. I didn’t feel that I should assume the title life coach because of the grandiosity and significance I’d mentally attach to it and also because I felt the space was already too busy. And now, here I am, calling myself a life coach and I’m doing so mainly because that is how the women I’ve been working with see me. Sure, story is part of what I do. I will forever embrace and claim the title story midwife. But these women see me as so much more and I wanted to honor that and enlarge my thinking so I could accept this. I’m embracing the title because it’s what… View Post

I’d be lost without my pen and journal. For me, writing is essential like food, water and laughter. Through writing, I experience emotional transformation that stems from a deep, meaningful and authentic place. I experience this when I choose to confront the things I carry, the emotions that threaten to engulf me, the things that keep me up at night. Research has proven that writing can help anyone and everyone. Not just the published author or people who consider themselves writers. Studies have also found that it can prolong our lives. I suppose this is understandable because we oftentimes experience catharsis, a release of emotions and feelings, when we write. Writing has helped me to examine my life and put things into perspective. When you write from a place of openness and honesty, you’re sure to experience some illumination. And by adjusting my perspective I’ve come to experienced wisdom, authenticity, boldness… View Post

So this topic is kinda different, eh? But different is not necessarily a bad thing. Once a month, as part of Coffee & Conversations, FemmePowered hosts a virtual group chat on topics of interest. This group chat is comprised of ladies only. The ladies in the group are the best. They’re funny, open-minded, opinionated, intelligent, strong-willed, curious and embody many of the qualities that contribute to a very spirited discussion. For this month’s virtual group chat, today we’ve been discussing monogamy and more so exploring the question: is monogamy natural? The responses are varied and interesting and really worth pondering. To be honest, the jury is still out for me. I’m taking it all in, playing around with it before I make a decision.  What I do know is that it does not look like there’ll be a final or universal ‘answer’ to which we will all agree. I have answer in air quotes because… View Post