When women come together

When women come together

When women come together with a heart to share and a heart to receive, amazing things happen. Today, I’m feeling richer, much more empowered and blessed for the time spent yesterday with amazing women sharing the heart, stories and lives with each other. This morning, I’m saying a special thank you to the 16 amazing women who showed up for Cocktails & Conversation yesterday at Whisper Cove Marina. I want them to know that they’ve impacted me and inspired me in unimaginable ways.

Of all the events I’ve done so far through FemmePowered, Cocktails & Conversation was perhaps the most powerful of them all in terms of what I took away from it. Beautiful, rich, empowering and life-changing were some of the words used to describe the evening’s affair. So tangible was the spirit of openness, love, empathy, abundance, respect and understanding in the room, that I feel like I have a bit of each of these women’s spirit with me, making me feel fuller and much more blessed.

So we will be doing it again. Because who doesn’t want a repeat of a beautiful experience! And I’m hoping that you can join me in September’s edition of Cocktail & Conversation where we discuss sex and relationship and why our stories matter and should be embraced. You can pre-register by emailing me at email@femmepowered.org or giving me a ring on 535-5000.

Happy Wednesday 🙂


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