Let’s get candid

Let’s get candid

Hello ladies, 

Thank you again to all who attended the very first Cocktails & Conversation we held at Whisper Cove Marina. For me it was a very rich experience as I was enriched by and learnt from all of you.

I’m so pleased to say that we will be doing it again. Same place – Whisper Cove Marina and same time 6-8pm. This time on 20th September. We’ll try to stay with the advertised time but you know how it can get when we all start sharing! 

In this edition we will have a guest male speaker with us and he’ll be discussing relationships, intimacy and sex from a man’s perspective. So many times we women, perplexed by men, spend our time trying to demystify and make sense of them by speaking with our girlfriends. But why not get a man’s take on it all! Right?! So come with your questions and thoughts and be ready to get them out!But before we get into that, we’ll be discussing the power of our personal stories, why they matter and why we should honor them. We must never omit our stories or the pieces of us that make others uncomfortable. We must own all of our stories – good and bad, as they conspired to make us who we are.

I really hope you can make this one. It’s going to be good on I’d love the chance to connect with you. Because of the nature of what we’ll be discussing, we have asked that the restaurant be closed off completely so it’ll be just us.

To RSVP for the event please do so by sending me an email on email@femmepowered.org, calling me on 535-5000 (I’m not on Whatsapp so don’t use Whatsapp to RSVP) or by registering online using this link – bit.ly/coffeenconvo

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. The price is $54EC and I’m kindly asking that you walk with EC. The restaurant accepts a significantly lower rate for US as I discovered when I went to settle the bill so let’s use EC.

See you at Cocktails & Conversation. Feel free to share the event with friends.


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