Sisterhood in Motion – A FemmePowered + KayNicole event

Sisterhood in Motion – A FemmePowered + KayNicole event

So the new banner above was posted on my personal and public Facebook pages and so many excited people started commenting on the banner and blowing up my inbox. Thank you!

 Your enthusiasm means the world to me because it means that you too are longing for a sisterhood experience, community and true and genuine fellowship with other women. One built on building up and not tearing down, one built on fostering completion and growth and not competition. One that celebrates women loving themselves and each other in a beautiful, meaningful and wholesome way and one that emphasizes the gifting and beauty in each other. 

We are all part of a mosaic. Each piece unique and intricate in itself. No one piece is better than the other and each piece realizes that the beauty is best demonstrated when all the pieces come together. Just as in the photo above. This is the premise and the foundation on which Sisterhood in Motion stands. I believe that when we come together, in an open, authentic and vulnerable way, we demonstrate our unique beauty and when we work together, that beauty shines.

So a little back story for you and a confession.

I didn’t aways think this way. I was not always this assertive and bold. I used to care what people thought and said of me. I used to shy away from relationships with other women because oftentimes, I found them lacking. I used to be a whole lot of thing that I am not today. And then something happened. I call it pruning, purging. I let go of a toxic, abusive marriage and I got the healing I needed to rebuild my life and fall passionately in love with myself again.

I love this new me so much. She is quirky, brave, bold, unapologetic about who she is and comfortable in her own skin. This new girl replaced an old girl that used to hide her abuse and shield her abuser and she now shares her abuse story openly and boldly because she recognized that it was the catalyst for the woman she had become today. She recognized that truth and vulnerability trumps fear and insecurity any day and she was not prepared to omit the pieces of her that made anyone uncomfortable. This new girl loves herself inside and out and it caused her to love others that way too, in a new and deeper way. She became less critical and a lot more understanding towards others because she recognized that people will be people and that means they’ll do the thing that people do. They’re gonna hurt you, they’ll probably use you too, but they will also love you, support you and all that other jazz, too. 

And more so, she recognized that there is beauty even in brokenness and that she could use the worst of her times to build something beautiful, powerful and bigger than herself because in doing so, she not only takes back her power from her abuser, she makes the experience count for something deeper. So with that one the first anniversary of a beating from her ex-husband that put her in the hospital and having to undergo surgery, she launched FemmePowered and six months later, The Birthing Project.

When I launched FemmePowered I know I wanted to empower women so they could believe in and become the best possible versions of themselves no matter their stories, where they came from or what they endured. Since then, I’ve worked with women in group and one to one settings to help them pursue their personal and professional goals, walk in their purpose and lead fulfilling lives. A few months at a Birthing Project workshop we were discussing the whole concept of sisterhood. To me, sisterhood goes deeper than a blood, familial type of connection but a connection that’s based on shared values. I was longing for a community of women linked by a common purpose and mission, women who were not afraid to be themselves, stand tall, shine and support and empower each other. I couldn’t find it so I thought I’d create it. This is the genesis of Sisterhood in Motion.

If you’re in search of a community of like-minded women who are comfortable in their own skin, big on community and sisterhood and committed to supporting and empowering other women to live their best possible lives, we invite you to be part of our events, movement and sisterhood.

To learn more about Sisterhood in Motion, a FemmePowered and KayNicole event and community, please visit here. To get tickets for our upcoming November conference, please complete the short form at the bottom of the page so we can arrange with you. At this time we are accepting suitable sponsors and vendors whose products and services are aligned to the vision and mission of the event. If you’d like to sponsor or sell at the event, please complete this form and we’ll get back to you in a day or two.

Happy Thursday y’alls!


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