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What is FemmePowered

I like to think that FemmePowered is a hub. So keeping it simple, think of FemmePowered as a collection of thoughts, ideas and projects, all committed to empowering women to pursue blissfully brilliant lives. It is curated by myself, Carlana Charles, the visionary and editor in chief of FemmePowered.

On this site you will catch a glimpse of past and present projects. You’ll also learn about what I’m working on, catch reviews on books I’ve read that are geared towards empowering women and also catch my musings through the blog. You’ll also see interviews, blog posts, videos and features on topics of domestic violence, empowerment, self care, body acceptance, relationships, healing through writing and story and pretty much anything that caters to the empowering of women.

FemmePowered is also a social enterprise. A social enterprise is a business that trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment. Through workshops, speaking, e-courses, events, coaching, sponsorship, blogging and writing, FemmePowered connects with and supports women and the community.

The FemmePowered Back Story

I officially launched FemmePowered on 15 December 2014, on the one year anniversary of a battering from my then husband that left me hospitalized and having to do facial surgery. The final attack took place on my mom’s birthday, making the ordeal much harder on me and my family. This beating was the beating of beatings, the one to bring our marriage to an end. I was convinced that if I we remained married, he’d eventually kill me. He often threatened to, and after seeing my blood splattered across the bedroom walls and furniture, and soak into the bed linen, clothing and curtains, I certainly knew it was well within his capacity to do so.

Our marriage had been rocky for a very long time and abuse was common but I never thought that he’d beat me to the point of breaking my bones and spilling my blood. I also never thought I’d have to live through the shame, abandonment, the gossip and much of what I had to endure post battering. Oddly, the abuse continued after the incident. This time by the system and people’s ignorance. I never thought I’d be denied access to counseling and resources that would help repair my mind and body and it devastated me when the legal system, designed to protect battered and abused women like myself, would fail and humiliate me. I also never expected people in this day and age would feel that abuse was justifiable.

Following that fateful day, I experienced much physical and emotional pain and the recovery was grueling. Thankfully, God heals. I took the time to work on myself and get my mind, heart and body right because I understood that there are many layers to healing from an abusive relationship.

Through writing and journalling, prayer and God’s grace, things started opening up. Life is getting better and I’m proud of the woman I’m evolving into. The best days are ahead for me; of that I’m convinced. I’m more than a survivor. I’m an overcomer, a thriving woman and I’m committed to helping others who have walked a similar road or experience powerlessness.

A year later, on the anniversary of that beating, hospitalization and surgery, I launched FemmePowered to help empower women, no matter their story. I could not think of a more fitting day to do so. Not only does it take away the sting of what happened on that day, it replaces it with a mission and purpose that’s bigger than myself and the pain I endured.

Perspective is everything. You can see a seed in the ground as something that’s buried or you can see it as something with the ability to create new life. I opted for the latter and my hope is to use FemmePowered to let others know that there is hope and better things ahead. You can use your life’s circumstances as a seed that will birth something new or you can see yourself as dead and buried. Either way, you attitude will affect your altitude and determine the course of your life. At some point we need to go from being victims to living a life of victory.

Let’s get a conversation started and talk about abuse of women. It is real and it is prevalent and many women suffer in silence. Abuse is not just a personal issue, its a societal one too. We are all affected. And let’s not just stop at violence against women. Not all women experience violence but many know what it is to feel powerless, limited, marginalized and lead somewhat limited lives.

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  1. Fran
    September 26, 2015 / 10:36 pm

    Thank you so much I have been searching for womens DV support but am isolated in small town where no one like me appears to matter, just ignored or shunned. I am in Australia do you have workshops or conferences or contacts here? I would like to recover & having a purpose to it all & helping others who are struggling too… Mostly I would like to be the strong person & role model I used to be for my children so we can all make a better world ?

    • Carlana
      September 27, 2015 / 8:02 am

      Hi Fran 🙂 So sorry you’re having a tough time. Just know the fact that you are reaching out and looking for support is a start in the right direction so kudos to you! I’ll send you a message via your email shortly. Please look for my reply. It will come from carlana{at}carlanacharles.com.

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