Wine and Journals – An Aye Gyal Event

Wine and Journals – An Aye Gyal Event

This event will be hosted in Trinidad on  29 April, 2017 – 3-6 pm

Unwined Wine Bar, 80 Eastern Main Road and Henry Street Arouca, Trinidad.

I love stories and recognize their importance. I find solace, comfort and hope in them. I believe that all our stories matter and they are worth sharing. We do ourselves a great injustice when we don’t see the significance of our stories. The failure to see their importance means that they aren’t shared, they aren’t honored, and  we compare our stories with those of others. We let another person’s story stifle us from sharing ours because we feel that theirs is more powerful, significant, more important than ours.

Your story matters and there is no competition in our collective stories. My story of abuse and abandonment is no more significant than the story of the woman who struggles with weight issues or that of the woman who secretly cuts herself. Our stories reflect the diversity of our challenges, struggles, conflicts. Let’s face them, let’s honor them.

This  hands-on, soulful, workshop explores the importance of our stories and how we can use journaling to capture them and unearth their significance and value to our lives. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the importance of journaling, gained strategies and tools on how to make journaling a fruitful ritual in their lives and come to appreciate the value in their stories and why all our stories matter.

My journaling and story coaching workshops tend to be very intimate, powerful and ground-breaking for attendees. It provides attendees the opportunity to explore, address and make meaning from their stories. When I discovered journaling, it saved me. And when I coupled that with the willingness to embrace my stories and all of me, my life changed dramatically. I didn’t want it to stop there. I wanted to learn more about journaling and the therapeutic power of words. So I started studying the work of researchers and psychologists who are pioneers in the field of therapeutic writing. I wanted to share what I was learning in a soulful, practical and fun ways and started doing workshops and hosting story coaching sessions with women.

If you have a story that keeps you up at night, keeps dragging you into the past, or is screaming to get out or addressed, this workshop is for you. Before signing up you should know that this is not a professional or academic writing workshop. There are no textbooks, boring Power Points, sleep-inducing spreadsheets. Think more along the lines of personal development in a relaxed, intimate setting. Participants are asked to come to the workshop with:

  • Pens and a journal or a notebook, something that will feel comfortable writing in and you can use as part of a regular writing practice. Highlighters, index cards and colored pens are good if you have them on hand, if not, that’s cool. I usually keep these stocked. a laptop is cool too, if that is your preference, but there is something powerful about pen sliding across paper.
  • A good attitude and an open mind, simply because that’s the best way to approach this sort of workshop and it’s always a good thing to have, too 🙂
  • Comfortable clothing, think sweats and yoga pants, flowy skirts, summer dresses, breathable wear, flip flops. The atmosphere is informal, light and friendly, you can even ditch the makeup if you want 🙂

Registration ends on April 24, 2017. Workshop fee is TT $299 and includes a PDF guide, liquid refreshments, the fellowship of other women, sage advice and a new practice.  Space is limited to 12 attendees and will be reserved on a first come, first paid . Grab your space and get payment details by sending an email to



  1. April 17, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    Please have one here soon. Looking forward to all your events x

    • Carlana
      April 18, 2017 / 8:17 am

      thank you, dear.

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