FemmePowered brings self defense training workshop

FemmePowered brings self defense training workshop

I’ve been wanting to do self defense training for women for some time now and considering the recent spate of violent crimes against women in Grenada, I believe that this sort of training is now needed more than ever.

It’s time women learned the basics of defending themselves.  We may not be able to predict or prevent every act of violence against us, but we can learn the basics of defending ourselves. Through hands on training, the Self Defense for Women workshop aims to prepare women to defend themselves in acts of violence against them. FemmePowered is proud to partner with the Al Hikmah School of Kung Fu to deliver this workshop.

Check out the flyer above for more information and sign up here. We are aiming for 2 sessions, one in the AM the other in the PM. Each session will run for 4 hours. Please let us know which session you’d prefer. The AM sessions is from 9AM to 1PM and the PM session is from 2PM to 6PM. Upon registration you’ll be informed of what you need to walk with on the day. Thank you for your interest. Now go complete the form 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you at the workshop.





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