Entrepreneurial Tips & Meetup Invite

Entrepreneurial Tips & Meetup Invite

Happy Friday folks! I know it’s been a while since I posted something on business so I’m doing something about that today. Today I’m going to share with you a few things I’ve learned or been reminded of this year and invite you to a meet-up I’m hosting next month.

A few things I’ve learned or been reminded of:

1- Your power is in your partners.
Be careful who you partner or align yourself with in business as you would in life. Some partners will drain you, cramp your progress and productivity and others will energize you, link you with opportunities, carry their weight and help you grow. Choose wisely.

2- No budget, no meeting.
If they don’t have a budget then there’s no point in a meeting. People serious about doing business with you will have a budget. Guard your time, energy and sanity and give it to prospects who know the figures. If they can know what they want from you going into the meeting, they’d better know it comes with a price and have one in mind.

3- You need to prune in order to grow.
We trim our fences to ensure they grow beautifully and we trim things from our diet to ensure that we maintain our health and wellness. So we apply the same to our businesses’. At the end of the year I dropped clients and services to ensure that I grew with strategy and a sense of direction. I’m already seeing a difference. Kill off some dead weight and watch your business thrive.

All right…lets talk about a meet-up. On Friday 1 April I’ll be hosting a meet-up for current and aspiring lady entrepreneurs and a few brave men who dare to register and show up.

It’ll be held in St. George to make it easy for all to attend. The meet-up will cost $15 per attendee to help with the refreshments. Please walk with business cards, an elevator speech and the mindset to meet, share and mingle. It’ll run from 5:30 to 7:30 and will feature a 30 minute session on navigating entrepreneurial challenges, a 15 minute Q&A and 15 minutes dedicated to introducing your business or brand. We then have a 30 minute mixer and I’ve set aside 30 minutes for people who’d like to talk directly to me about any business related matters. If you’ve started a side hustle, gone full time or thinking about doing both, I’d love to connect with you. This meet-up is great for all types of business so don’t think you won’t be a good fit. All ladies are welcome. We want variety!

The meetup is all about edutaining (education meets entertainment) and fostering meaningful connection amongst small business owners and entrepreneurs no matter their stage of business.

Space is limited to 20 persons so get in touch to book your space or use the form below. I’m excited to catch up with you and introduce you to some amazing entrepreneurs. Let’s help each other grow our business and brands. Apply the tips above and see you at the meet-up. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.

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