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I organize workshops where I work with small groups of women. In these small, intimate full or half day sessions we explore various topics such as journaling to heal, finding yourself, navigating life challenges and various other topics. At the end of the workshop you’ll be excited and empowered. If your group would like to book me for a workshop, do get in touch.


Picture this – Me, you, some friends, a great location, our pens, journals and open hearts and minds. Don’t forget the tea, the coffee, the laughter, the tears and the fellowship of being with women. Amazing things are sure to happen! Book me for your group’s retreat or get in touch to find out when my next retreat will be. Let’s do this!

Story Coaching

We all have stories. In fact, I believe that we are the sum collection of our experiences, hopes and dreams. Our personal stories. When you think of it, each one of us has a story to tell. Our personal story that comprises of mini-stories that shape and form who we are. Stories are powerful stuff. The stories we believe and embrace can affect our lives in positive and negative ways.

As a Story Midwife, I show women how they can use the telling of their story to heal, transform, enrich, empower and birth wonder in their lives. I help them uncover their hidden or suppressed stories and I create spaces for them to express them. I guide them in using story to empower, enrich and transform your life. Get in touch.

Life Strategist

You matter and you are enough. Your dreams, hope and all you believe you can be matter. Your failures don’t make you a failure and your struggles are there to show your strength and tenacity. Within you lies an untapped wellspring. I show you how to access it and use it as a catalyst for transformation so you can have the life you deserve and dream of. I help women get past mental road blocks, doubt, limiting beliefs and thinking, self sabotage, poor self image, fear and doubt so they can create the life and future they’ve been craving. My approach is intimate and personalized so you transcend and transform. It all starts with one conversation and I’ll show you how. Let’s connect to make this happen.

Speaking Engagements

I speak on deep soul writing, domestic violence, writing to heal, the power of our stories, transcending loss, shame abandonment and other topics around empowering women. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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