Your support is appreciated

Your support is appreciated

After months of planning, Sisterhood In Motion came. And went.

We are so thankful for all who supported making the event a reality. We’ve received lots of powerful feedback and we are so thankful that the event was well received and attended. Not only was it informative, it was entertaining. I felt blessed looking at attendees, rapt, deeply engaged in the speakers and I felt a community forming as I looked at women mingle and chit chat and exchange contact information. We really had a blast.

I want to give a shout out to God for the vision to do this event, the guts to proceed with it and the energy and tenacity to see this through. Much love and appreciation to Him and the same for everyone who has been a part of this experience. KayNicole and I are so pooped but happy so I’ll keep this post short. Need to get some rest. More details will come later this week but I just wanted to touch in with a short update and to thank all who were involved in this.

To the women who’ve been calling, emailing and messaging with sweet and heartfelt words, I can’t stress enough the impact your reception has had on me. The love and support is overflowing and real. To know that you felt empowered, you learned, you were inspired and you want to be a part of our community and future events is humbling. Thank you for the kind words. My heart is full with each email and message I get about the event. I need to bottle up these words for the days when I am down or doubtful.

Much love to the vendors. We thank you for being part of the event. You guys have some very awesome products and wish you all the success. Later this week I’ll be featuring you women and your products on the blog. Thanks to LIME for providing us with 2 tents on the day and thanks also to Bryden & Minors for the use of their projector and even sending someone to set it up on the day. Gotta love great corporate citizens!

Again, thank you to all the attendees, vendors, speakers, presenters and event workers. Thank you to our family and friends who supported financially and otherwise to make the event a reality. This could not have happened without you. You must know this. Stay tuned to the next post later this week. I will post photos of the event, highlights and more but for now, I just wanted to touch in. We are excited about this new community and hope you will be a part of it.


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