Wintering Season

Wintering Season

I’m a doer. I’m always busy, always planning, always on the go. Slow does not come naturally. My mind will not allow it, but I am learning to move at an unhurried pace. Even with my writing and blogging and the pace, I put on events.

For a while, I have been quiet here, and it’s because I felt like it was necessary to be quiet. The words did not come easily, and the inspiration to share valuable material just wasn’t there. I understood that this was my wintering season – a period where I will rest from this space. You can’t give from a place of emptiness. You need respite, self-care inspiration, wisdom and more to make an impact, especially with words. So I wintered because I recognized I need to do so if I was to continue making this space worthy of my time and your attention.

At times we will feel confined, restless, and want to forge ahead in different areas of our life, yet there is a struggle even with the best of intentions. I believe that sometimes this can be the Divine’s way of letting us know that it is time slow down, rest, be nourished, and ready for our next phase. You know yourself best. Decide if your period of pause is coming from a place of fear, procrastination of you are being called to winter. And if you are being called to winter, then trust your intuition. Lean in, embrace the season of winter. Spring will come soon enough and there’ll be much to do then.


With love and grace


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