Whose holding us up?

Whose holding us up?

Damn, I love when popular culture tackles serious issues! All week I’ve been speaking about self care and the black woman. The black woman is a perennial martyr. She gives and gives, is expected to be strong, keep shit together, hold everyone down. Hold that man down, they say. Keep those kids in order. Make that money, girl! But who holds us down?

Scandal’s character Mya Pope (aka Mamma Pope) speaks volumes in the short clip below. In less than two minutes of sound bites, she channels all the strong black women I love and admire. These are women who have boldly spoken up for women of African ancestry. I listen to her and I hear echoes of bell hook, Patricia Collins, Nina Simone, Mya Angelou, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis. The speech is iconic.

I just need to know, who wrote this monologue?



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