Wholeness is yours for the taking.

Wholeness is yours for the taking.

You walk around with brokenness, believing that healing is beyond you. You use brokenness as a crutch, sometimes even a badge of honor, never daring the see what a whole life could look like. Fear, shame, self-doubt, and issues of unworthiness abound within.

Yeah, I see, you sister girl, I see you. I see you and I know, because those who’ve been there identify with it in others.

I have my insecurities. I’m sure you do, too. But I am determined in letting my truth speak louder than any broken image I may have of myself, and I am careful to not allow the world to inform the reality of who I am to me. I am thankful for the handful of women I know have my heart and I can call friends because they affirm me and encourage me when my crazy starts to show and the outer critic starts screaming louder than the soft whispers of truth.

For a long time I allowed the broken parts of me to inform the consciousness I carried of myself, and I allowed what people said and thought of me to impact my behavior. I’ve since embraced the reality that some folks may never approve of me and I don’t need their approval to feel like I matter as a person. I am not for everyone and I dare not even try to be. I’m saying this not from a place of arrogance but from the understanding that we need to make peace with not being liked or approved by others because as women, so much of the brokenness we carry comes from rejection and not being liked or approved.

We have to get to a place where we start believing the truths about ourselves and embracing these truths regardless what the world thinks of us because to have it any other way, is to open ourselves to having the world be careless with our hearts and emotions. That aside, it is hard to be upset with people who do not like you, especially when it is obvious that they do not even like themselves. Why would I even want to carry that portion?

Listen, let your brokenness serve a purpose beyond yourself. Let the source of your wounds be the place that healing enters. Know that you are worthy and brokenness needs not be your portion. Understand that you are an intentional creation and there is purpose all over you. Even when you can’t see or believe it. You’re not an accident or a factory fault. You’re a glorious being and an expression of the very best the Divine has offered the world. Let’s this seep into your consciousness and start informing the way you live, lead and show up in the world.

And as you start to see past your brokenness and embrace the beauty that came from there, do your best to never give your power to people who will not honor you from this new space, and will be careless with your heart and emotions. And stop giving your power over to people. Find approval and affirmation from the right places, let your intuition guide you, and embrace your journey to wholeness.


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