Vendor Release Form

Vendor Release Form for Sisterhood In Motion

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the Sisterhood In Motion conference to be held on 28 November 2015 at the Public Workers Union, Tanteen, St. George’s from 2 to 6 PM. Here’s some information you need to know now that you’ve been approved to sell at the event. Be sure to read and understand the terms below and complete the form to confirm your understanding and agreement to adhere to our terms.

  • All vending must be done in the assigned areas provided by the coordinators of the event.
  • Vendors will be responsible for the sale and security of their own items. The coordinators of the event will provide tables and chairs for displaying and seating.
  • We do not charge vendors to sell at the event, however we ask that they provide an item no less than EC $35 from their collection so we can use as tokens for the speakers.
  • All token items must be approved by us on acceptance of your Vendor Application Form. We ask that the item you choose to contribute be something that you would feel happy to receive if you were a speaker and that it should be  something you’d be proud to give. Choose wisely as this item or service will be a representation of you and your brand. You are free to label the item with your branding but not in a way that affects the usefulness and attractiveness of the item. Feel free to discuss with us if you are unsure what item you should offer and how it will be presented.
  • All items will be made available before the event so we can inspect and package accordingly. Perishable items can be made available hours before the event.
  • Vendors are responsible for leaving the area in the same condition as they found it.
  • We reserve the right to censor any table to ensure that the items are in keeping with the taste and spirit of the event.
  • We expect professionalism and appropriate conduct from our vendors.
  • Vendors who behave in ways contrary to the spirt of the event will be asked to leave and their token will not be returned. We consider fighting, cursing, abusive, bullying and intimidating behavior to patrons, coordinators, speakers and other vendors to be examples of offensive behavior.
  • All vendors must provide us with the list of items they will be selling no later than 21 November 2015 as we aim to ensure that no two vendors are selling the same products. We want a diverse collection of items and this also helps increase everyone’s opportunity for sales.
  • Vendor Release Forms must be submitted no later than 15 November 2015. You will not be allowed to sell at the event if the form has not been completed and submitted.
  • Sisterhood In Motion, a FemmePowered and KayNicole event or their affiliates will not be held responsible for any liability, lost or stolen or damaged merchandise or any injury incurred during the event.

Last updated: 29 September 2015

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