Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life

Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life

Hey ladies! How’s your February going so far? I’ve been keeping busy, working on some upcoming collaborations, my own projects and client stuff. I’m not going to get into all of those now so today I’ll share on an amazing event that comes up at the end of the month, Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life.

I love when serendipity happens. About a year ago I stumbled across Tash’s site and thought to myself that she was someone I’d love to connect with. I bookmarked the site and would pop by from time to time. I never expected her to be in Grenada, let alone show up at Sisterhood In Motion. Yet, there she was, supporting her mom, who I found out was one of the speakers. We connected and when approached to partner on this event it was a no-brainer. Ladies, you’re not going to want to miss this one. I guarantee it will be a game changer and perhaps one of the best investments you make in yourself for 2016. Check out the promotional material above and below and get in touch with me here if you’d like to register or you can do it on Tash’s site.

This is my first joint collaborative event for the year so I’m looking forward to this one, to share with and learn from these fabulous women. Carol is a phenomenal and natural speaker. She knows how to engage an audience and her passion just flows. She spoke at Sisterhood In Motion and people are still talking about her delivery, how she made them feel and what she imparted. A seasoned speaker, she recently returned from Dominica where she spoke at a UN event on aging. She’s also the President and Founder of GARP – the Grenada Association of Retired Persons

Tash is no stranger to events. She’s a speaker, writer and coach who has worked in the Caribbean and Europe and she is savvy  and passionate on her topic and excited to share her gift to the world. I apologize if I’m gushing on these ladies but I’m really happy to be a part of this. Yet, like most people, I hate being sold to so I’m going to let the promo material speak for itself to avoid coming across like a salesman. But if you have any questions or would like more info, get in touch with myself or Tash. You can register at GARP’s office on Lagoon Road (give them a ring first for a time) and you can also pay online via Tash’s site. Leading up to the event, more details will be made available.

Happy Wednesday. 🙂


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