To help or to hurt. You decide.

He had not been looking well lately and I feared that his addiction had taken hold of him again. He later admitted so. Some years he had no deep craving or desire. Other years were a constant struggle. Then there were the times he relapsed. One thing was constant – for 30 years drug addiction plagued and haunted him.
I wondered what his life would have looked like had he not touched the white powder and I wondered if there was a way that he could once and for all become clean and remain so. I guess I would never know. Maybe he too, would never know. But what I did know is that I could show him kindness, charity and the grace we all need to pull us through tough days.
Drug addiction, I am learning, is a disease. It needs treating like all other ailments.We don’t look down on sufferers of cancer, arthritis or any other disease. So we should not look down on those who are addicted or struggling, unless we are looking down to pull them up and out of the addiction and despair. I’m daily reminded that until you can sit with another person’s situation or pain, meaning that you walk in their shoes, or live their life, it is unwise to judge the way they choose to comfort their pain.


Love, light and grace

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