The power of a thought

The power of a thought

Look around you. What do you see? It’s amazing to realize that all what we see came about because someone thought of it. The device you’re reading this on and the internet that allows you to access this content are both manifestations of a thought.

Brands like Apple, Amazon and FemmePowered exist all because of a thought. Businesses and services came about because a thought. And not just a thought, but a thought that was acted upon.

We humans are creatives at heart. It’s true and not surprising. Because we were created by the Creator, it’s natural that we inherit a creative gene. Think about it. Many of us come alive when we are giving birth to something. Designing, writing, making something from nothing and using other means of expressing our creativity. But no matter how our creativity manifests, it all starts with a thought.

So what have you been thinking on? And how are your thoughts affecting your reality?

I’m a pretty reflective person. I like to look at my life, where I’m at, where I want to go, how I am going to get there and how I need to change. I like to feed my mind and invigorate my thoughts on a pretty frequent basis. I do this because what I do know is that the outcome of our lives tend the stem from our thoughts.

So I’ve been thinking of my thoughts of late and how they can bring me to the greatest life I can live. And to achieve this I need to have the courage to filter the negative thoughts. I also need to think good thoughts and have those fuel me to live, do and be better. I’m no better than what I think so I have to get my thinking right.

I do this by moving drama, distractions, nonsense out of my life. I’m doing it by managing my time and energy and those that I give it to. In the past couple years I let go a lot of phantom friendships. You know, the type that ain’t real but fueled by the odd Whatsapp or social media ping. I value real relationships. Where time, attention and care feature. It’s not the frequency of the connection but rather the quality. So I did some pruning (more on that in a future post) and whittled down my friend list. It’s lighter, freer and made up of people who have proven themselves to be a friend. These four people have my heart and my back. 

Finally, I do it by shedding everything that fails to serve me and inspire me to become the best me I can be. My thoughts are the seat of my creativity, innovation and inspiration. They can bring about real and meaningful change in my life.  So I need to guard my thought life as I would my physical self because I become what I think.

Think well, hun. And live and be well.


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