Talking to your emotions

Talking to your emotions

Emotions are a  powerful driving force. Without them we could not have varying experiences and feel the highs and lows of life. Emotions are a normal part of our being and add an interesting dimension to life.

Emotions are also the cause for much of the chaos and drama we experience. Many struggle with dealing with their emotions opting to cover them up, deny them and even suppress them. This ultimately affects every area of their lives. If you truly want to live a harmonious and joyful life, at some point you will need to address your emotions.

What many of us fail to realize is that emotions are real things. The word emotion means energy in motion. Emotions become real the second you create them. Where most people go wrong is they suppress them because they feel no right to have those feelings on an unconscious level. So then they bury these feelings and they sit there and grow, waiting to get their full attention. These emotions become real like people and want to be honored and acknowledged. The more they are ignored, the bigger they impact your life because they are not being addressed.

So, the key is to feel your emotions completely. If you have to cry for days then cry, if you feel like being alone then tell the people in your life you want space. Feel your emotions in their full capacity. I have found that when I address my emotions, I will often get strategies for dealing with them and overtime they fade into nothingness because they have been honored, felt and acknowledge. If you can really master this you can have dramatic shifts in your health, career, finances and relationships in a short period of time. This, perhaps above all else will get you to optimum health and an improved life faster than anything else.

Exercise For Rapid Emotional Healing

So, for rapid emotional healing you must go deep within yourself and ask…what am I really feeling? Then write down what comes up. Let those feelings be there for the moment. Honor those feelings and talk to them and say…”I know you are there…I feel you”. Tell those feelings that it is okay to express themselves. Let whatever comes simply express itself. If it is anger, be angry…if it is frustration be frustrated. Allow the emotions to fully express themselves. Keep your concentration on the center of the feeling. You will find that when you are honest with your feelings and really acknowledge them and express them fully, after some time these feelings will fade away.

If you need a bit of hand holding with addressing your emotions, check out my birthing program. Birthing was designed to help you address those inner feelings through writing.


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