Supporting change agents in the community

Supporting change agents in the community

We all need a hand up sometimes. God knows I do! And with that in mind, FemmePowered is proud to partner and support individuals and groups that are committed to being change-makers in their community and the society at large.

I believe that change-makers need a platform to spread their ideas, message and share the work they are doing. As such, I’ve committed to supporting select groups and individuals by providing them with a website, social media presence and required training to make the best use of their new tools. With a background in marketing, branding and web design, I understand and can attest to the power of the web and believe that it’s a great way for change-makers to spread their thoughts, share their work and connect with their constituents and supporters.

Each year, I’ll select one to two groups or individuals who are committed to making a difference and provide them with a free website and training on managing and leveraging the site. I will also provide free social media training for the best platform for their community so they can tap into the power of social media and connect with others who have an interest in their message and purpose.

If you’re interested in being considered, please sign up using the form below and I’ll be in touch in a few days. Please be as detailed as possible when completing the form. Note that further information may also be requested. I look forward to partnering with you. If you know a group that can benefit from the type of support we offer, feel free to direct them to the site to complete the form.

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