Midwifery for Your Story

What If?

What if the answers to the questions you’ve been pondering and the solutions to the problem you face were right at the tip of your pen? And what if I told you that sometimes, the healing and validation you seek can come from being honest with yourself, grabbing a journal and emptying the things you carry deep within? Would that be worth exploring?

Openness + Pen + Paper

Writing is powerful and accessible! So many times we look for answers without while they are often within. Deep soul journaling. therapeutic writing and personal storytelling are powerful and accessible means that we can all explore to bring about healing., gain closure, experience a profound sense of self=awareness and access the right and rewarding experience that comes from engaging our Inner Voice.

My Journey

Words can heal and they can hurt. During my time in an abusive marriage and the later demise of that relationship, my soul’s cry, penned on paper helped preserve my sanity and hope.  In my darkest hour I learned that we are never left helpless and hopeless, no matter the current circumstance. I had my pen, journal, faith and the desire to be real about my life, even if only on paper. I know now, that they were all I really needed. Exploring my thoughts and feelings on paper, telling my story to myself, has changed me. It’s been an wonderful transformation.

An Invitation

I want to show you how you too can experience healing and transformation through the exploration of your stories because your stories are important. Yes, they matter and are worth exploring. You see, we all have stories. In fact, I believe that we are the sum collection of our experiences, hopes and dreams – our personal stories. When you think of it, each one of us has a story to tell, stories that shape and form who we are. Stories are powerful stuff. Good and bad, the stories we believe and embrace can affect our lives in positive and negative ways. They play a great part in shaping and forming who we are. I’m here to help you connect with your story. Writing can heal. It can bring perspective, it can lead to self-acceptance a new way of thinking and a doorway to loving and embracing ourselves. As a Story Midwife, I work with you to experience all this and more because your story matters.

meet the midwife+ her story+ her work

We all have stories. In fact, I believe that we are the sum collection of our experiences, hopes and dreams. Our personal stories. When you think of it, each one of us has a story to tell. Our personal story that comprises of mini-stories that shape and form who we are. Stories are powerful stuff. The stories we believe and embrace can affect our lives in positive and negative ways.

Hi – I’m Carlana, the Story Midwife and visionary of FemmePowered. I show women how they can use the telling of their story to heal, transform, enrich, empower and birth wonder in their lives. I help them uncover their hidden or suppressed stories and I create spaces for them to express them. I guide them in using story to empower, enrich and transform your life.

Since childhood, I’ve loved the written word. I preferred books over dolls and reading and writing over playing or watching TV. I’ve always believed in the power of words. Words can speak life and death and they can also be cathartic. I discovered just how therapeutic and healing words could be in a time of crisis. During an abusive marriage writing and journaling kept me sane. And when that relationship came to an end, it gave me perspective and a sense of direction. Putting pen on paper did more than just make me feel better, it helped me to discover the power of my story. I also experienced how writing from deep within can be truly transformational. I used pen, paper and a spirit of authenticity to help change my story and the way I saw myself because of the abuse. Through that period of my life, my soul’s cry, penned on paper helped preserve my sanity and hope.

Sometimes we feel alone. But we never are. There is that powerful Inner Voice that we carry deep within that longs to converse and share with us. This Voice wants to hear our heart and soul’s cry. The Voice wants to guide us to better choices, better living and deep-seated satisfaction with ourselves, no matter where we are in life. And you know what I love about tapping into that part of me with writing? I can be free and real. Authentic. No holds barred. I empty out what I feel – the fears, doubts, hopes, everything really, and I do it in a judgment and guilt-free environment. The confidentiality is a big plus too, because somethings are just too painful or sacred to share. There are times when you can’t talk to another person about the things you may be experiencing. But you can always let it out on paper (or on your keyboard). When I started making a daily practice of sitting down and putting pen to paper, writing from within, almost as if emptying out the things I carried deep within on paper, I experienced a measure of healing and wholeness and surprisingly, answers and strategies for moving forward.

From there, I started studying the therapeutic and healing power of writing. The more I researched and applied what I learned on the more I found my life transforming. This transformation brought a new-found awareness, grace, optimism, self acceptance, radical self-love and a desire to pursue an authentic, intentional, wholehearted way of living. I started deep soul writing as an outlet to a difficult period in my life and it changed me. That tough period of my life birthed something deeply personal, empowering and satisfying. And if you are open to giving it a try and approach it from a place of openness, honesty and authenticity, I’m confident that you’ll see welcome changes in your life, too.

When you put pen to paper and write from a place of honesty and openness your world slowly changes because you begin to change – Carlana Charles

I’d love to work with you so you too can experience the power in this type of writing. Through workshops, e-courses, retreats or a story coaching sessions, I work with women as their personal story midwife. The midwife guides, supports, dispenses sage advice. But perhaps most importantly, she stands by you as your birth and manifest newness. Let me be those things to you.

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