stop hiding behind the words

stop hiding behind the words

It’s been bubbling. Building slowly, and now it is rushing forth, bursting at the dams of your heart and mind. It’s the words that have been clawing at your fingers, the words that you have been hiding from, words that are struggling to get out. I’m here to tell you stop hiding from the words. The words you are hiding from hold the power to heal you and help you make meaning from your  experiences.

Journaling tells us things about ourselves. And that can be scary, because sometimes we are not ready to confront the things that journaling can reveal about us. As a journal coach, when I work with women who’ve been through the aches and pains of life, many of them start opening up, and then they freeze up. Often they would say I don’t want to go there, meaning they don’t want to explore the story that’s fighting to get out. It can be a good story, a sad story, a story that can help them make meaning from life experiences, or a story they are just aren’t sure how to feel about. Whatever the nature of the story, it is accompanied by a fight.

But what if we stopped suppressing the words – those words that need to burst forth, be vocalised, be written, words that need to be emptied?

When I started journaling, I became addicted because of the powerful cathartic and cleansing experience it provided. When I felt burdened, heavy and like there was no one to talk to, journaling was a quick, confidential and simple way to get the words out and lighten the load. But something else happened to me when I journaled. I did not just lighten the load, I met myself between the inky sheets of paper. I discovered who I was, saw my worth, my resilience and my beauty. I confronted my past, my shame, and my struggles, and I made a decision to address the things I needed to, and let go of the things I couldn’t change.

Journaling provided a spiritual experience, too. For the first time ever, I felt deeply connected to my core, true self, and I learned what it was to live my truth and honour my personhood. Perhaps most importantly, journaling provided me the gateway I needed to fall deeply in love with the Divine. I saw his Grace over me, how loving and protective He was to me, and how His hands had been covering me through my journey. I came to this place not from reading self-help books (though many of them were illuminating), not from counselling sessions, but from putting pen on paper, addressing my fears, shame, burdens, doubts, the things I carried, and the things that kept me up at night.

I want to invite you to my upcoming journaling workshop – Penning the WordsThis workshop comes up on Saturday 16 September 2017 and will be held at The Connection on Kirani James Blvd, from 4pm to 6pm. The cost of the workshop is $30 and light refreshments are included. I will be providing more details soon, so please stay tuned by registering for the newsletter. I am limiting this workshop to 10-15 attendees, so register early if you’d like to attend. Register using the form to the very end of this page. If you have any questions you can email me on or call 535.5000.

Light, love, and grace,

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