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Think you have an article that will be a good fit for our blog? Here’s what you need to know.


We only accept articles that are 100% in original content.  We will not accept content that has been published elsewhere, or that has been plagiarised in any way.

Purpose and tone

The purpose of the content on FemmePowered is to empower women to create their best lives. The tone of your submission must be encouraging, engaging, personable, and informative. Feel free to write about your own experiences and the lessons you learned. You may also write about your observations or whatever you feel has the potential to motivate and inspire readers.

Word Count

Our minimum word count is 600 words and we accept articles up to 1,200 words.


Do provide a brief biography about yourself that is 200 characters maximum, along with your photograph. We will include both with your article.


All sponsored posts on our site are paid. We charge $25 per post. This helps offset the cost to maintain the site. To get the most of your sponsorship, be sure to include links in your biography to your website and social media platforms, which we will promote to our readers and followers.


If you quote from a another source, be sure to include a link back to the source. We reserve the right to review links to determine their appropriateness. Do note we are not interested in publishing content that has been written solely for sales, promotional, or SEO purposes.

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