Sisterhood In Motion Tickets

Sisterhood in Motion is the signature event and gathering for FemmePowered. Our theme for the event is Empowering Women Holistically and the event is a joint collab between myself and Keri Gold of KayNicole. This first event, a woman’s conference, will be held on 28 November 2015 at the Priory House, Church Street, St. George’s and we start at 2PM. Please complete the form below to get your tickets.

Cost of the event: $35. Feeling empowered, networking + connecting with like-minded women: Priceless.

Sisterhood in Motion - The Event

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We have 10 phenomenal speakers lined up that will be sharing on diverse, yet all important topics such as:

  • Financial Management Made Simple
  • Beauty, Self Care & Wellness
  • Why Sisterhood? Why Community?
  • Finding Bliss in the Mundane & the Crazy
  • Entrepreneurship & Women – Why we need more women in business
  • It’s Never too Late to Make A Change Change – How to create the life & career you’ve dreamed of
  • Becoming the women God created us to be
  • Modeling Healthy Relationships
  • Aging with Grace, Grit and Glam
  • Styling for Your Body Type – A Presentation by local stylist
  • Embrace & Embellish – A Presentation by local makeup artist
  • And more