Sisterhood In Motion is here

Sisterhood In Motion is here

Woot! Woot! It’s. About. To. Go. Down. 🙂 🙂

After months of planning, collaborating and checking things off a lengthy to-do-list, Sisterhood In Motion happens today. We are so excited to see this happen and we can’t wait to meet all those who registered to attend and purchased tickets. Ladies, it’s about to go down!

As I’ve been reflecting on the event this week I was thinking about how powerful words are and how they can create things. This whole event came about because of something I let slip in a journaling workshop I conducted in June. As I enjoyed the fellowship of the women who were there to explore the power of journaling, I mentioned how I felt we needed a community where women could share, empower and support each other, no matter our story. I envisioned a sisterhood and community of sorts where women could meet and talk in formal and informal sessions and where we could learn together via events, group sessions or meet-ups.

As a work in progress, I’m a big advocate for women becoming the best versions of themselves and I recognize that oftentimes, to do so, we need the help, support and encouragement of others. We also need a community around us aspiring for those goals, too. The women who attended my workshop that day were the first circle of sisters and they encouraged me to pursue the idea do an event and launch the community. So I did. And now, five months later, Sisterhood In Motion – the event and community is no longer an idea or thought, but a reality.

I’m so excited to see this event manifest in its fullness later today. We have 10 speakers lined up to speak, a panel discussion on women’s health with 2 doctors, features on make up, styling and literacy. We’ll also have vendors selling various items as well. You can get all of the details on the event flyer below. There’ll also be loads of giveaways. Stay tuned to my next post for a general update on the event, clips of the speakers sharing and photos of the event. See you at the Priory House later and wish us well if you are unable to attend!



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