Shedding Relationships that Fail to Serve

Shedding Relationships that Fail to Serve

In my first show of 2015 I will be joined by Liz J Simpson, the Self Discovery Diva. On the show Liz and I will be discussing relationships from the view of shedding those that fail to serve us. You know, the type I’m talking about – those relationships that make us feel uncomfortable, cause us question our choices, compromise our beliefs and  just make us feel icky.

I’ve found that oftentimes we say we are tired of having these types of people around us but we do little if anything to make changes to the relationships even if it means walking away because it’s almost always pointless trying to change others. So, we tolerate the fakes, the pretenders, the opportunists, the parasitic, the frenemies and the insincere. We know they aren’t good to and for us, yet we continue to engage them and give them space in our life and mind. We create space and opportunity in our lives for them to fester and push more ickiness on us. And I have been asking myself why.  Liz and I get into this on the show. Join us live and if you can’t, then catch the replay. If you have any specific questions or talking points you’d like us to bring up in the discussion, please post them below. I will be posting the show on the site after we go live.


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