Saturday reflections

Saturday reflections

Life nice, eh? This morning I woke up with a deep awareness that each day presents the opportunity to be thankful for all the beautiful things and people in my life. I’m learning to practice gratitude daily in all things, big and small.

Today I am thankful that I have developed the gift of goodbye. This year, more than any other in my life, letting go has become so easy.  I no longer hold on to things and people that disrupt my spirit, attempt to make me feel small and just aren’t helpful to my personal growth and development. I want to live my best life and fill it with the things and people that support me being the best. This means that I have to constantly monitor the temperature of my life and do some clearing.  This season has brought me to a place where I’m no longer afraid to let go of whats good or okay for what is best and ideal for me.

You cannot be afraid to prune your life. It’s your job because it is your life. Grab those shears and start snipping the areas needed.

In this season, I’m snipping at relationships that are not rooted in care and genuine interest, but in manipulation and a self-serving agenda. You know the friendships – the one sided ones where people get up in their feelings when you don’t do, act or show up the way they want you to. And I’m not entertaining hits of connection either, those friendships when people touch in only when they are bored our want something of you, draw your energy and run off until they need another hit again.

I’m also saying goodbye to dreams that are not part of His plan and purpose for my life. We were all created with purpose for His purpose. Sadly, most people live based on their plans and desires and not according to the purpose they were created. I’m realizing that some of my dreams do not line up with His master plan for my life, so I’m learning to lean in and embrace His plan for me.

What are you letting go of? What are you saying goodbye bye to?


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