For My Insiders

For My Insiders

Historically, particularly in Biblical times, red tents have been places where women would go to separate themselves during their menstrual cycles and following pregnancy. Consequently, they would rest, recharge and connect with other women in the tent. I can only imagine what this must have been like – generations of women, unwinding, healing, recharging, and experiencing the fellowship of other women. There is even a fascinating book by Anita Diamant and movie with the name, Red Tent. The movie is on Netflix, so check it out if you can. I loved it!

On 3rd June 2017, FemmePowered will host a red-tent styled Cocktails & Conversations. There’s no tent or cocktails (just wine), but the idea is to meet, connect, share and find community with each other. This private event is for my insiders only. I’m opening it up only to persons on the mailing list and those who have been supportive of FemmePowered from day one. You guys are awesome! Some of you are business owners and professionals, and I think that it would be great if you could meet, connect and network with each other. FemmePowered has given me the opportunity to work with and partner with some of you and your amazing businesses and brands. I want others to connect with you, too.

We’ll have a 45 minute session on self-care and there’ll be another 45 minute session on goal-setting. We’ll spend the rest of the time mingling and networking.  We’ve survived the first half of the year, let’s talk about how we can slay our goals and see them come to fruition by December 31, 2017, and not run ourselves into the ground to attain our goals.

Come out for an evening of wine (not cocktails), light snacks, great company. I’m requesting a minimum $10 contribution to help offset expenses. Please RSVP using the form below. Final registration date is 31 May, 2017. Walk with business cards.

Red Tent | Insiders Event

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