Putting a face to domestic violence. Meet Emma Murphy.

Putting a face to domestic violence. Meet Emma Murphy.

This video is deeply disturbing and equally heartbreaking. Why? Because it shows you just how deep domestic violence cuts a person. It also addresses many of the manifestations of domestic violence – the physical, emotional and psychological.

I cried as I watched the video below. You could feel her pain, the raw emotion. As a survivor, I’m acquainted with her pain and I feel that we are a part of some sordid, but very real sisterhood of battered women. Emma spoke from a place of vulnerability and put herself out there and she’s willing to walk away from a relationship that is failing to serve her. Incredibly bold and brave. Reading the comments on YouTube after the video is incredibly disheartening. People can be so mean, cruel, insensitive and downright nasty. It’s easy to understand why violence against women is so prevalent. She touched on many truths in her short video. Some of these are:

  • The first time is almost never the last time.
  • Psychological abuse is often always accompanied by domestic violence. In her case she was accused of being paranoid and insecure.
  • Abuse is never acceptable. No man has a right to hit a woman. For any reason. Period.
  • To be made to feel that abuse is acceptable through mental torture is also unacceptable.
  • Children should not be exposed to an environment where there is violence. It’s just not the thing you want to expose your child/children to.

Emma Murphy is incredibly brave and bold. She’s not just taken a stand for herself, she’s also taken a stand for her children and a stand against domestic violence. In a 5 minute video she not just only put face to domestic violence, she touched on how it breaks apart families, homes and hopes.  I’m wishing her strength, healing, happiness and the courage to believe that better days are ahead, no matter how it looks now.


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