Pics and a blogger’s review of Sisterhood In Motion

Pics and a blogger’s review of Sisterhood In Motion

Happy December folks and well wishes for the holiday season! Hasn’t the year flown by? My goodness!

As you know, Sisterhood In Motion went down last Saturday. We had about 60 women come through and from all accounts, the event was a success. We keep getting great feedback and requests to be reminded of upcoming events. The support is wonderful. Thank you all!

We are thankful to the speakers, presenters, vendors and our family and friends who supported us. We must mention Bryden & Minors, who were generous in providing us a projector for the event and also LIME Grenada for the tents they loaned us for the day. Not only did the companies loan us, they also did the setup and removal. Much appreciation to the speakers and vendors, too.

Not a lot of words today. Just sharing of the pics which you can see on the Facebook page and a lovely review of the event from an attendee and blogger, Ishie Belle of IslePreneur. I could toot my own horn about the event but I decided it will be a little more credible it it came from someone else. See her post on the event as well as a feature post on one of the presentations.

Happy Friday!


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