Permission Granted

Permission Granted

So often we live for the approval and permission of others. Why? I have never been one to need anyone’s permission to live my life my way, and I’ve never cared much for their consent and approval. It’s not because I’m cocky or selfish, but because I understand that as an adult, it is my responsibility to make choices for myself and to forge a path that leads to my happiness and me achieving the life I am creating. No one is more invested in that dream that I am. No one’s permission is needed. Today I am challenging you to give yourself permission to stop needing other people’s permission.

You don’t need permission:

  • To be happy
  • To live life on your terms
  • To shine and stand tall
  • To dream another dream
  • To re-invent yourself or your life
  • To make the decisions that you feel are necessary for the life you want to create
  • To say no. Or to say yes
  • To dream
  • To be confident
  • To express yourself in a way that is authentic to you
  • To get rid of things and relationships that don’t build you up
  • To love or be loved
  • To have your thoughts, ideas, and feelings
  • To speak your mind or heart
  • To stay connected or walk away
  • To do the things that light you up from within
  • To be you. All of you. Even the you that you’re are afraid to show

What have you been seeking permission for? Add it to the comments below. Why do you feel it is important that you have this permission? How has waiting for or requiring that permission affected you? Today I grant you permission to free yourself from the need of having the permission of others.

Light, love, and grace.


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