Penning the words – A journaling workshop

Penning the words – A journaling workshop

Can I be vulnerable with you for a moment? Yes? Thank you.

I am deep in the throes of anxiety and panics attacks like never before. For most of the week, I have been feeling ‘funny’, even a bit sad for no real reason. I feel burdened for no cause I can think of and I am unsettled. This week has been rough. I have been struggling to get through sentences, my voice cracks for no reason, I feel weak, and I just want to take an extended nap.

After speaking with a friend who would know, she was quick to point of that these are common symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. ‘Quit watching the news (I’m a news junkie) and get off Facebook! You are allowing the things that are happening globally and in the community to sap and deplete you.’

She is right.

More than ever before, we can’t escape bad news even if we tried. It’s there in our faces, and seemingly ever present. From the devastation of Irma to the recent heightened exposure of sexual abuse of minors and the elderly right here in our community, the highly sensitive among us feel weighted, worried and burdened.

Here’s the thing – no matter what is happening in and around us, we have to manage how it impacts us, and we need safe and judgment free spaces to share our hearts and unburden with other like-minded and highly sensitive people. To this end, I am extending an invitation to you to join me this coming Saturday, September 16, 2017, from 4-6pm at the Connection on Kirani James Blvd. for a unique journaling experience.

Over coffee or tea, we will put pen to paper and tap into the things that may be troubling us on a personal or societal level. For those who dare to share their writing with others, we promise a safe and judgment free space. More than ever, I am realizing that we need each other in these times. Many of us are hurting and many of us feel alone in the concern for what’s happening around us.

Personally, I can say that the recent news about child sexual abuse has unearthed some old hurts and hidden secrets I myself was forced to carry for many years as a child who also experienced sexual abuse. Perhaps it’s time for me to put pen to paper and address, not just abuse but all the things that have been disturbing me, including my worry for Barbuda and my family in St. Maarten.  I would love to do it with others who aren’t afraid to put pen to paper and explore the things that trouble them personally or about our society.

If you would like to attend, please email me on and I’ll add you to the list. You can also WhatsApp me on 535-5000. The event is free but I ask that you consider making a small contribution if it is possible. This will help me cover the rental of the Connection and refreshments. Even if you can’t contribute still come and bring someone along.

I look forward to journaling, sharing, finding perspective, grace, healing, and community with you.


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