Peace & Fortune

Peace & Fortune

Hello darlings. Welcome to 2017. I wish you peace in your heart and fortune in your steps this year and beyond. If you have been a friend or supporter to FemmePowered in 2016 and before, I would like to say thank you. Every bit of encouragement and support helps.

On the 30-31st we held our first retreat, Release & Unleash. It was an amazing, life changing experience that ended way too soon. If you missed it, no worries. I’ll be hosting another in the first quarter of this year, so stay tuned by subscribing to the blog or the mailing list.

So what’s in store for FemmePowered in 2017? Well, think more workshops, more retreats, more interviews, a podcast or YouTube series (still undecided), more collaborations, and hopefully, more invitations to share and teach. In 2016, I let my writing slip and I want to work on that this year. Getting my articles featured on international sites really helped with the growth of this site, and with all the plans in my heart for FemmePowered, it helps to have my words and work reach a wider audience.

Wishing you peace in your heart and fortune in your steps for 2017.




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