Only a few days away.

Only a few days away.

Sisterhood In Motion is just a few days away. Four to be exact.

Can I just be real here? In the past few days I’ve been asking myself, Carlana, what have you gotten yourself into? Is you right in the head? Yes, I sometimes talk to myself in ebonics. And I am bone tired. The checking and double checking and triple checking is taking toll. I’m spending way too much time on the phone fielding questions and in Google docs updating the event spreadsheet. I just want to sleep. I want to have non event related convos with my sister and partner on the event, KayNicole. I want to not have my mom call every few hours to get an update on the planning. I want to not have to talk about the event with my aunt who keeps calling it a FemmyPowered event and not a FemmePowered event. Aunty – it’s Femme as in French word for women and not femmy as in…femmy?

As the big day nears and my partner and I work on finalizing things, I am recognizing the enormity of this thing we’ve dared to do. Nothing like this has been done locally. 10 speakers, 3 features, 1 panel discussion, 6 vendors. All in one day. In 4 hours. No corporate sponsors. Bootstrapping and begging soliciting our family and friends who believe in what we are doing to support and finance the event.

Yes, crazy indeed.

But we are thankful. For the Event Management class at UWI we did earlier this year – from a logistical end, it was very useful. For the encouragement and support from those who encourage and support us even when calling every few hours and mispronouncing the word FemmePowered repeatedly. It’s good to know they care and believe in us.

Still, trying to pull something like this off while running a business and juggling 2 big projects in my case and in KayNicole’s case, being 7 months pregnant and dealing with a toddler who exhibits the temperance of a kid in the terrible two stage, even though he is not yet two, is an epic feat. We are grateful for the grace of God and also for the fact that we work well together. You can go unhinged when you don’t partner with the right people on big projects. Your power really is in your partners.

It’s been challenging but we love a challenge and more so, I get to share my vision for this event and the community that will come from it with someone who not only understands the vision, she also has my heart and my back. She’s done so much work on this I don’t think anyone else would have been up to the challenge. Thanks, hun. You’re fantastic, or as my almost two year old nephew, your son, would say –fankaskic.

So yesterday I stopped by GIS’ morning show, ‘Spice Morning‘ to talk about the event and community. It was my second time in a week being in the studio to do a live tv show (yup, i’m a rock star) as I’d been there the week before with Aine Braithwaite of Women Entrepreneurship Day. On that show, I shared on the challenges of women in business and my perspective as someone who has been self employed for almost 10 years.


However, this show was all about Sisterhood In Motion and in the spirit of sisterhood, Carol Mitchell Vazquez, founder of GARP –  the Grenada Association of Retied Persons accompanied me on the show. Carol is a real trooper. She will be speaking at the event on aging and she’s doing great things with GARP. After our event she jets off to speak at a UN event in Dominica on aging. I just love this woman’s spirit and her heart. I’ve been drawn to her the moment we connected. She is such a wise woman.

If you have not grabbed your tickets we have less than 10 left so get in touch to get yours. You’re going to love being a part of the event and community. You’ll meet women like Carol, meet the crazy duo behind Sisterhood in Motion and connect and mingle with other likeminded women. Support our vendors who will be selling various items such as jewelry, makeup, potted plants, bottled art, cakes and pastries, pelau, local made handbags and more. You can see more event deets below. Happy Tuesday 🙂


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