No Monday Blues here!

No Monday Blues here!

It’s 9:00 PM here at the time of writing this. I’ve been up since 2AM. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to fall asleep. My mind is brimming with ideas and ablaze with what lies ahead for me and this thing (brand? community? still trying to conceptualize and flesh it out) I’m building. I’m tired, but excited. Definitely not the case of Monday blues here 🙂

I’m not one to readily embrace labels (good or bad), especially those put on me by others. I even touched on it in this post. Not sure why but I just don’t. I think I should form and inform my personal labels before embracing those placed on me by others. I should feel settled in them. Might seem odd but it’s just the way I’m wired. Lately, I’ve been labeled ‘coach’ and ‘mentor’ by the women I’ve been working with in my workshops. I haven’t shared boldly about these here but over the past couple months but I’ve been helping aspiring femmepreneurs build their businesses and brands as they walk in their Divine purpose. I’ve also been doing journaling and writing workshops for women who want to use writing and journaling to heal and change their lives.

I’ve been honored to work with and serve these women and act as a guide to helping them achieve their professional and personal goals. However, no matter how many times they refer to me as their coach and mentor, I never really gravitated towards those labels. Until now.

It’s funny how oftentimes others see in us what we don’t see in ourselves. They see inspiration, destiny, infinite potential, talent and ability. They also see someone that they feel connected to and one genuinely interested in their success (however they define that) and all about empowering them. They see the things in us we are often afraid to acknowledge and embrace about ourselves.

Oftentimes we do what we do because we love it and feel its’s all part of walking in our purpose so we don’t want titles and attention for it. We just want to keep our head down, get shit done and do our thing gracefully and without fanfare, titles/labels.

Of lately I’ve been thinking of the work I’ve been doing. I suppose I do coach and I guess I do encourage and mentor. I’m personally invested in the success of all the women I work with and I do act as a cheerleader, sounding board and guide. Maybe there is something to the labels after all? I pushed that thought out of my head as fast as it came! I didn’t feel it necessary because I just want to keep on doing the work that makes my heart sing and makes me come alive and I didn’t want to think too hard of where to categorize and how to position myself. If anything, I’d go back to that when time allowed.

That time came today. When opportunity knocks, you’ve got to answer. Especially if the opportunity is aligned to your purpose and in my case, this thing I’m building (still a thing as I have not yet defined it). Today, I got my first coaching client just when I was thinking of doing a revamped and revised version of what I currently do here. This woman, my first official coaching client, came to me and I wasn’t looking for her. She came to me via my private Facebook page because she liked to content I’ve been putting out and felt that I’d be a good person to help her reach her professional goals and get back her personal groove. I’m humbled and honored all at the same time.

And so, I now officially embrace the terms coach and mentor. Not because others have put them on me or because this woman wants to work with me. I’ve embraced them because that is what I’ve been to the community of women I support and what I want to make my life’s body of work. I credit all in my online communities and those who’ve attended my workshops for helping me realize and get to this place. I’m excited about embracing and stepping into the role and really helping you do meaningful things as I share my knowledge and help you grow while walking in my purpose. You are instrumental to my professional growth as you have said I am to yours. It is your constant referencing me as coach and mentor that made me sit up and consider what I do and I now embrace the label. I now work towards growing my business and brand around empowering and supporting you.


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