My ancestors are my entourage

My ancestors are my entourage

This week promises to be challenging on so many levels. But I am ready. I have the love of those who have me, my inner strength and the unrivaled power of my ancestors.

I am learning to channel them (my ancestors) because they are wise and loving and they have gone before me. They are a roadmap and guide to my present and even future. Yes, Roadmaps and Guides. So when I walk into a situation, I never go alone. I bring my people with me. I bring everyone who has loved me with me when I face a potential client or a disturbing challenge. I summon the boldness of my maternal and paternal grandmas, who were gutsy, feisty, fearless, unapologetic, graceful and strong women. On reflection, I now see them as disrupters and feminists, ahead of their time in many ways. I also channel the grace of my uncle, and think of what my soft-spoken father and my thoughtful grandad, all now gone would do.

They may be physically gone, but they are my Guides. And when I practice the art of acknowledging the wisdom of those that have gone before as well as what my Spirit says in a situation, people see a difference in me, because I stand out. They may not know what it is about me and may put it down to charisma or personality, but it is the wisdom of the old, my intuition, and the love of those that stand with me. A formidable combination.

Happy Monday.


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