Life editing and self-care

Life editing and self-care

First off, I want to say Happy Mothers day to all the mothers and nurturers who frequent this space. Hope you laugh a lot and be pampered for the queen you are. Now, let’s talk about self-care and life editing.

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. – Audre Lorde (black feminist)

These days I’ve been thinking about the connection between self-care and life-editing. Often, I take a personal inventory of what I need to change, improve, let go. Upon returning from a recent work trip, I felt an incredible sense of urgency to do some editing. I started sharing this with a friend, and it gave rise to me really reflecting on what life-editing means and why it is so important that we all take the time to edit our lives by shedding the things that fail to honor and serve us.

Depending on the season I’m in, life-editing takes on a different meaning. Right now, life-editing means giving up the temporary for the permanent and meaningful. It means not entertaining connections that bring temporary satisfaction, but focusing on those that bring long-term change and positive, permanent value. It’s about not giving my time to connections and relationships that lead nowhere, being fierce with my time and how I share it. But perhaps most heavily upon me this season, it is about guarding my personal space and being mindful about who I entertain at my home, office, surrounding.

As I slowly work on editing this precious life of mine, I feel a sense of peace and release. People I thought I would miss I don’t, habits I’ve struggled with have slipped off and I’m no longer resentful about letting go of some dreams that are not part of God’s plan and purpose for me. It’s almost as if this self-care and editing business has caused me to retreat inward and connect with the Divine in a deeper and meaningful way. I’m becoming more unapologetic about speaking my truth, and I’m demanding the respect from others that I give to them. I’m finding that I am becoming more reflective and introverted, too.

So what does self-care mean to you? And how does it manifest in your daily life? I think self-care starts from a place of being aware of our worthiness. Once we understand that we are worthy and deserving of a whole relationships with ourselves, we make the time and effort to tend to all facets of our temple – mind, body, spirit, emotions.

Starting tomorrow and continuing over the next four weeks, I’ll be sharing video interviews with black women who operate in the space of self-care and wellness. Today I will be joined by my first co-presenter, Mellany Paynter of Mellany Motivates. In her practice, Mellany helps folks that are ready to make shifts in their lives fall in love with themselves, become inspired and motivated to lead authentic and meaningful lives and do so with clarity and confidence. She’s incredibly passionate and dope. Stay tuned for the video link and have a happy Monday.


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