Lessons and reflections for 2016

Lessons and reflections for 2016

Going into 2016 I was determined to adjust my attitude to situations and life in general. I would learn from and become better with every experience and encounter. So this year, perhaps more than ever, I grew more as a person as I was open to the lessons life delivered. I didn’t fight and force things as in previous years. I rolled with the tide of the lesson. Sometimes we remain stuck in a cycle because we are not ready to learn from certain experiences. I wanted to graduate to the next level of my story. So I took my lessons in stride or at least tried to understand the bigger and often hidden meaning of situations. These are a few things I learned in 2016. I’ll share 6 with you:

1-Only God is constant. People will like, love, care or pretend to for a time or season, but only God’s love is truly eternal. Even in our faults and messes, He loves us. And not a flaky, oh I love you because you did this for me or you give me this type of love. It’s the kind or love we will never fathom because we will never be able to love like He does.

2-Discernment is important. It will be a guide and a compass in your life. Serious thing! And I want to become much more discerned and so I need to tap into the Source in a greater way.

3-Pruning is necessary. You prune a garden to make it grow better by pulling out the weed and the other baddies that affect its ability to thrive. Try it with your life. This year more than ever I realized that some folks are committed to your struggle, not your success. You know the type – those who get funny when you start growing and the struggle becomes a thing of the past. Cut them out the moment you realize that. I’ll gladly hand you the scissors.

4-Quit throwing your pearls to swines. You are a gift, your work is a gift. Give your time, talent and self to those that recognize the gift of you and what you offer. It could be a relationship, it could be a client or a friend. If your worth and value isn’t recognized, find yourself in the company of those who will.

5-Be guided by the Spirit. We often get inner signals we ignore. You know, like the nudge not to take a road and when we get there, there’s a roadblock; or the inner warning to give some people their distance, and yet who chose to engage them at our own peril. I realized in 2016 more than ever, I realized that it was never God’s plan for me to walk into traps and be caught unaware in many of the situations I found myself in. His Spirit would give warning. I either ignored or was not listening. I’ve been learning to be more receptive to His warnings and guides and I am seeing my life change because I am not doing things on my own. Most times. I did say I’m still learning. Ha.

6-All my gifts have my name on them. What is meant for me, will meet me, wherever I am. Of that, I am convinced and certain. Stop chasing people, things and opportunities. These days what I am doing is praying for that thing or opportunity I desire. I trust that God will deliver it to me because I’m trying to pray in His will and not mine. And as I wait, I trust and prepare myself for the manifestation of the gift.

What lessons did you learn in 2016? Has it changed your life in a meaningful way? Please share below.


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