Ladies Who Brunch

Ladies Who Brunch

What visions do you have for yourself and your life in 2018? In this soulful session, you will open yourself up to the things you want for yourself in the year ahead. Over brunch, we will share open, supportive and encouraging discussions with a small group of women who are committed to seeing their visions manifested.

In this brunch session, I will be joined by Tash Mitch, coach, healer, and intuitive, and Carol Mitchell, life coach, community advocate and the founder of GARP. I will be speaking, what the term truly means, and it’s importance to the woman with a mission. It’s gonna be real, honest, and candid. Tash will be speaking on visions and manifestations and Carol will delve into her rich arsenal of wisdom to inspire and help get us approaching our visions from the right place.

Registration, pricing, and venue details can be found on the flyer below.



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