Journaling workshop review + more

Journaling workshop review + more

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I’ve been keeping rather busy lately, working on my first workshop on writing + deep soul journaling. Planning a workshop is harder that it looks. So many things need to be considered especially for a workshop of this nature. I didn’t realize just how little things make a big difference when you want to set the right tone and ambience, important stuff when you want people to feel they can relax, unwind and let words flow.

So Saturday was the big day and four amazing women braved the inclement whether to show up. Sometimes, just showing up is powerful in itself. It means that I’m willing to make the extra step. The fact that they still came in spite of all the rain really did something for me and lifted my spirit.

We had a good time, wrote in our journals, drank copious cups of tea and coffee, explored just how powerful and potent pen moving across paper can be. I shared excerpts of my journal to demonstrate the type of writing one can engage in and the sort of topics you could delve in to. And we explored just how writing out the things we feel, carry and believe can bring healing, perspective, clarity, hope, understanding and more.

We laughed, we reflected, we shared. We had sisterhood and community, two things that are very important to me. We closed off with a red wine toast and after everyone left I just soaked in that good feeling that comes from being active in one’s purpose.

You can learn more about the workshop on Saturday here and sign up for the next installment that will run sometime before mid August by getting in touch with me over on the Birthing Project site.

This week I promise to put up the chat with Liz J Simpson, aka the Self Discovery Diva. Liz is a phenomenal person who started a great movement also birthed from abuse. We’ll be talking about shedding relationships that fail to serve, something I think all women should look at from time to time. We’ll be doing a Google Hangout most likely so you can join in with your questions, or mail them in before. The replay will be made live at a later date in the week.

So, here’s to a great week. Keep blazing and stay absolutely amazing and this week, push to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.



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