Its November. Yay!

Its November. Yay!

Happy November. We are almost at the end of 2015 with one more month before it’s Christmas. Where did that time go?

So over the weekend I got the opportunity to speak on ‘self confidence and a women’s worth’ at the brand launch of one of my Start Me Up Weekend participants, Terrieann Charles. Terrieann launched her brand, Tailored by Terrieann and felt the sip’ and style event with a fashion feature would not be complete without a talk on a topic of this nature. I agree. So often we as women focus on the external – the clothes, the hair, the makeup – and we use these to measure our worthiness and pull our confidence from. It was tres cool to to share on this topic with the close to 35 woman of varied ages.

Later than night when I got home I was chatting with a Facebook pal and reflecting on my talk at the woman-centric event and I started wondering what if we shifted our focus from the external and focused more on other things, namely confidence. I did a journal entry on this and wanted to share a thought that came to me. See it below -:

I know what you’re thinking – yeah, sounds good but that will never happen. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But would it hurt to try? I’ve been told that I’m an idealist and I know that I’m a dreamer and of late, I’ve been taking bold moves to act on my dreams. So that night I allowed myself to dream a bit and imagine what the future would look like for women if from young the emphasis was placed on things like confidence, living intentionally, aspiring girls to become the women they were created to be. And the more I dreamed I wondered what our communities would look like if we taught girls that it was cool to be dorky and quirky, pursue their passions, think big, be bold and refuse to play small. What if we told them that being sexy or fashionable wasn’t something they had to aspire to? That other qualities were more important. More girls would be comfortable in their own skin, they would embrace their innate talents and gifts, they would dare to dream big and go hard after those dreams.

Can it happen? Yeah, I think so. And it’s always fun to dream. Happy November 🙂

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