Is Monogamy Natural

Is Monogamy Natural

So this topic is kinda different, eh? But different is not necessarily a bad thing.

Once a month, as part of Coffee & Conversations, FemmePowered hosts a virtual group chat on topics of interest. This group chat is comprised of ladies only. The ladies in the group are the best. They’re funny, open-minded, opinionated, intelligent, strong-willed, curious and embody many of the qualities that contribute to a very spirited discussion.

For this month’s virtual group chat, today we’ve been discussing monogamy and more so exploring the question: is monogamy natural? The responses are varied and interesting and really worth pondering. To be honest, the jury is still out for me. I’m taking it all in, playing around with it before I make a decision.  What I do know is that it does not look like there’ll be a final or universal ‘answer’ to which we will all agree. I have answer in air quotes because I think the answer really is whatever you believe. That will be your answer. It’s hard to presents ‘facts’ on this one because no matter what scientist or psychologist say, I think we’ll all lean to what we believe or have been socialized to believe. After all, we’re not discussing if the earth is round or flat. We all know the answer to that is indisputable. But this topic is kinda paradoxical.

Personally, I have thoughts for and against. However, I do know that much of what we think and believe is based on our lens on the topic or situation being explored. Religion, patriarchy, culture, media, socialization and so many various factors can contribute to our ‘answer’ to this question. At the same time, it’s good to have discussions on topics one may consider paradoxical. And I’m all for entertaining the contributions of others. Who knows, they may just help me to form a settled conclusion to the question. I’d love your feedback on today’s question – is monogamy natural?


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