Introducing Lemonade

Gosh, I’m so excited and nervous to share something brand new with you. I feel like a mother hen letting her chickens leave the coop for the first time.

A few months ago – April to be precise, I started working on Lemonade, a private community for women who dare to thrive. FemmePowered is all about empowering women no matter their story but from the messages I’d get and the work I’ve been doing with women, I recognised that some women found the idea of being in a community of like-minded women who were working together to deal with specific goals and challenges appealing.

So I worked on the framework, who it would serve, did research and even created a website for it – And just when I was about to launch it I felt the need to pause. I knew I wanted to create this private community but I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to function on its own or through FemmePowered. I went back and forth on this for a while and felt deep inside the best thing to do was keep it as part of FemmePowered.

Once I made that decision I ended up with new challenges so I just let the site and all the work to sit there and switched focus until I felt certain about it all. I think secretly too, I was apprehensive on launching a community that would have a paid element to it because FemmePowered has always been free to access. I wasn’t sure how having to pay anything related to the site would be received.

So I’m listening to a YouTube video talk by a guy named James Victore on doing meaningful work and work that matters. And in the video, he mentions that your work is a gift. That resonated with me on so many levels. I realize that while all of the material I post on FemmePowered is free, it is a gift. A gift of my time and energy, and hopefully a gift of empowerment and encouragement. And the more I thought of my work being a gift I reasoned that I should not be afraid or ashamed to attach a monetary value to what I do. So with that, Lemonade in now a reality.

I’m honored to share Lemonade with you, a private community for women who dare to thrive and create the life they crave. Please check out the page and if you’re interested in the community, send me an email from the contact form here and I’ll send you back info on how you can join. And even if you don’t want to join, you’re free to continue to enjoy FemmePowered.

Check out Lemonade


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