On the title ‘life coach’

On the title ‘life coach’

It seems like everyone is getting into the life coaching space these days. Within my network are quite a few and they are all brave and passionate women. I never felt the need to get into the coaching space, to be honest. I didn’t feel that I should assume the title life coach because of the grandiosity and significance I’d mentally attach to it and also because I felt the space was already too busy.

And now, here I am, calling myself a life coach and I’m doing so mainly because that is how the women I’ve been working with see me. Sure, story is part of what I do. I will forever embrace and claim the title story midwife. But these women see me as so much more and I wanted to honor that and enlarge my thinking so I could accept this. I’m embracing the title because it’s what most people identify with and understand. I do like the title life strategist, life alchemist, most of all story midwife, but I understand what those mean. Not everyone will. I will still admit I have some hangups with the term life coach for many reasons I won’t get into here.

You can call me the accidental coach. I never set out to offer coaching to women. I saw myself as a storyteller and only ever wanted to tell my story and hopefully inspire other women. I also saw myself as a story midwife who help women not run from their stories but use them in empowering and life changing ways.

But I realized along the way that women I spoke to at meetups, private group sessions or at seminars and workshops wanted more. They appreciated hearing me tell my story of how I overcame sexual abuse, abandonment, loss, domestic violence and divorce, but it was not enough for them. It was as if telling my story titillated something in them, igniting a yearning and desire for more. More than where they were, more than what they accepted, more than what they thought possible for themselves. And they wanted someone who could guide them, hold their hands or be at their side as they worked towards the life they sometimes secretly craved. Someone who’d been through some tough stuff and managed to come through better and not bitter, stronger and not broken.

And I understood that. Because we can all be inspired to move from hearing someone’s story, but many times we need someone to help us move in the right direction and can hold our hand at the start of the journey. We need someone to  assure us that better days and things are possible for us too. I’m humbled and honored to bring one-to-one coaching to you. We probably haven’t met but I want you to know that I care about you and want the world of happiness, peace and blessings for you. You deserve it. We all do.

So i’ll hold your hand and walk with you. I’ll listen to you, share with you, push you and work intimately with you. Together we craft a blueprint of sorts to getting you where your heart and soul desires to be. It will take you, doing, committing, believing and sticking with the process. But I’m there. I’ve got your back and I believe in you. Change and transformation is possible, the first step is to believe. The rest we work out together.

As a coach, I help women move past mental road blocks, doubt, limiting beliefs and thinking, self sabotage, shame, poor self image, fear and doubt so they can create the life and future they’ve been craving. My approach is intimate and personalized so you transcend and transform. It all starts with one conversation. I offer personalized and one-to-one coaching, weekly and monthly check-ins, direct access to me and more. Through a complimentary 20 minute call, we get to meet each other, I get a sense of you what you desire and how we can work together and we determine if we are a good fit.

You matter and you are enough. Your dreams, hope and all you believe you can be matter. Your failures don’t make you a failure and your struggles are there to show your strength and tenacity. Within you lies an untapped wellspring. I show you how to access it and use it as a catalyst for transformation so you can have the life you deserve and dream of. Interested? Click here.


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