Hire Me

In my work with women, I facilitate meaningful conversations, ask intuitive questions, inspire a shift in thinking and living, and offer safe spaces for women to share their heart and the things that matter to them.


I organize workshops where I work with small groups of women. In these small, intimate sessions we explore various topics such as self-love, journaling to heal, finding yourself, navigating life challenges, becoming an entrepreneur and various other topics. At the end of the workshop you’ll be excited and empowered. Additionally, I am a big proponent of women entrepreneurs and run quarterly workshops to help women start businesses and grow solid brands. If your group would like to book me for a workshop, do get in touch.


Picture this – Me, you, some friends, a great location, our pens, journals and open hearts and minds. Don’t forget the tea, the coffee, the wine, the laughter, the tears, the affirmations, the free-flowing and open sharing of our hearts and of course, the fellowship of being with women! Amazing things are sure to happen! Book me for your group’s retreat or get in touch to find out when and where my next retreat will be. Let’s do this!

Story Coaching

As a Story Midwife, I show women how exploring and honoring their stories can heal, transform, enrich, empower and birth wonder in their lives. Our stories need not keep us stuck and bound in a place of shame or despair but can be used as a catalyst to create the life we crave, if only we dare to. I help women uncover hidden or suppressed stories and I create safe spaces for exploration. Get in touch.

Speaking Engagements & One-on-One

I speak on topics around empowering women and improving our community. I also work with women on a one-to-one basis.

Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to reading your email and connecting with you!If you’re interested in working with use the contact details here.