Grace and Cocktails

Grace and Cocktails

There is an incredible urge to me to write this morning. I have felt this way for some time, but I have been hiding from the words.  Sad. You see, I have always connected with myself at the end of my pen. Something on a deeper level will surface, grab me and pull me in when I find the courage to put pen on papers and explore my inner workings and many layers. My words are powerful on many levels – they bring healing, clarity, peace, perspective, and help me extend grace to myself and others as well.

Grace. Hmm. Oh, sweet grace. This word fills me up and etches on to the broken spaces within me like no other. It allows me to make meaning of my experiences and what lays before me. It allows me the opportunity to extend grace to myself and give others the grace to be contradictory, messy, complex, confused – to be human. And this year, I have experienced Grace immeasurably.

Grace has become such a part of me, I’ve taken it on an as a middle name. You can call me Grace. And through God’s grace, the grace I have given myself and the grace I opened and allowed myself to experience through others, I have received greatly in terms of opportunities, connections, relationships, breakthroughs from situations, and more. Grace has been with me all this time, holding me, loving me, rooting for me through every situation, every struggle, every lesson, every bit of worry. Grace wiped my eyes when I cried big, fat, tears, tears laden with worry and fear, and Grace placed her hand on my heart to soothe away heartbreak, anxiety, worry, and fear.

But Grace is not done with me. I don’t think she ever will. So I’m extending an early invitation to join me in a Year of Grace through Journaling in 2018. Based on Cheryl Richardson’s Grace Card deck, starting the first Tuesday of January, there’ll be a new post on the blog on the topic Grace. The reading time is less than 2 minutes, but I encourage you to reflect on the word of the week throughout the week and take 10 minutes during that week to journal what came to your mind about the word. This is a deeply soulful and powerful experience – trust me – and I think you will find value in it. I’ll have another reminder as the time comes closer.

You can still register for the upcoming Cocktails & Conversations on November 15. We will be discussing child sexual abuse. Please join us as we delve deeper into this topic with a view of protecting our children and exploring ways for healing and care of the abused and vulnerable.

Contributors to the conversation are:

  • Counseling psychologist Josh Hector
  • Abuse survivor and author of the book Force Ripe, Cindy Mc Kenzie
  • Member of the legal community

This session is going to be transformative and educational. Come and let’s talk about this troubling issue with our community with a view to educate, protect our children, and bring healing to the hurting.


In love and Grace


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