“What is an authentic life?” and “How does one go about living authentically?”

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when we are not being true to and with ourselves, important elements to living authentically. However,  defining an authentic life can be a bit harder. It’s as if spotting the inauthentic is easier than spotting the authentic. When we aren’t true to ourselves it is oftentimes accompanied by a feeling. It’s hard to sum up in words and is perhaps more likened to something we experience within ourselves. We feel like we don’t fit, we feel like we aren’t in the right place, we feel wrong or uncomfortable. You probably know those feeling that come with accepting or doing things or even acting in ways that are opposed to our values, personality, ideals. It doesn’t matter how it may appear to others on the outside because we know how we feel on the inside.

In this free workbook and guide on on authentic living, we explore the topic of living authentically. I share examples on what an authentic life looks and does not look like and you complete a series of exercises that are geared to guide you to the process of authentic living.

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